Thursday, September 24, 2015

Brock gets some NBA training

This summer (July 2015), Brock got to attend a basketball clinic with NBA trainers and even a player; Cleanthony Early of the New York Knicks! He had a great day and loved the experience. Each age group was assigned a coach and the coaches were asked to choose a player in their group to receive a certificate of excellence. Brock was chosen in his group for having the "best knowledge of the game." He was pretty stoked.

Brock is in Band!

As a 5th Grader, Brock chose the Baritone. When moving up to middle school, he also moved up tot he Tuba. He is talented musically, so I am looking forward to watching his talent grow over the next few years participating in band.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Great to be 8!

Well my first little girl has turned 8 years old. It was a fun and busy celebration. She had a surprise birthday party with friends at the skating rink (she was REALLY surprised!) She was also baptized the Saturday after her birthday. It was neat to look back at her in her blessing dress... 2 white dresses down, one more to go!

 I have been telling Allie for years that she could get her ears pierced when she turns 8...but only if she wanted too. Ha! She was thrilled. She has been begging for this moment since she was 4 years old! So on her birthday, I pulled her out of school and went and paid someone to puncture her body. Twice! Happy birthday, indeed.

 Pizza at the skating rink.

Don't blink, they grow up way too fast. Love this girl!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Woohoo! The Denver Broncos are headed to the Super Bowl!
We donned out Bronco gear, made some football food and watched them kick some Patriot butt!

Check out baby Jake and Luke wearing the same Bronco tee shirt! Jayne (Jake's mother) kept this shirt for years, and gave it to us when Brock was born. I forgot all about it until Brock had outgrown it, so I was determined to get in on Luke before he out grew it. As you can see - I barely made it!

On a non-Bronco note:
Never too young and innocent to receive bunny ears from Jenna, the little prankster. 

Jenna's Birthday and a New Year!

My baby girl is SIX!

 A pancake shaped like a "6" and bacon. Birthday breakfast for my princess!
 Twister Dance from her friend Jade!
 Cute dress from Granny and Pop!

 I made a treasure hunt for Jenna which ended with her finding a Barbie Jumbo Jet... peanuts or pretzels Ken?

 We headed to KC to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for Jenna's birthday. 

 Happy Birthday to my smart, sassy, cute and hilarious Jenna Elizabeth!
 So we swam and played and went on slides all night and bright and early the next day!

 Birthday pizza, a slice as big as her head!

 Luke had a good time watching all the commotion.
 Watch out for that bucket!

 We spent New Year's Eve at home playing games and eating Jake's award winning chili. Of course the first thing we did in 2014 was set of fireworks!

Frappe is a traditional New Years treat in Jake's family. Yummy! Its just sherbet and Sprite, so simple and so good. 

 Just some cute pictures of Luke who is growing up too fast! 
Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas season. 

Allie had a Christmas concert we attended. (Back row)

 Cowgirl Jenna picking out a tree.
 Decorating our colossal tree! 

 Sneaking candy canes already!

 Allie said one of her Christmas wishes was to snuggle with Luke all night long. I told her she could for 10 minutes. She was so happy. 
 Jenna and her bestie Jade had a great time making gingerbread houses in their kindergarten class. 

 Christmas Eve dance party!!

 Santa came!

 He even brought Lucky dog an enormous bone. She was thrilled. Hope you had a Merry Christmas as well!

Halloween and Thanksgiving (2013)

Yeah so, I'm playing a bit of catch up today. I'm trying to keep my posts brief. My computer is a dinosaur and loves to freeze up so I'm trying to choose only a few photos. 

 Here is my spooky little baby. Its funny to see him all tiny and skinny, you'll notice later in this post, how much bigger he was by Thanksgiving!

 Pumpkin carving night.
 Jenna was Rapunzel. Jake even bought her a wig, which she wore for 3 minutes. I could have told you that. 

 Allie was a "Midnight Fairy," yeah...pretty sure that's a made up thing just to sell a costume, but she looked really cute. 
 Again...a costume which I can't really explain. But Brock was a big hit in his huge green costume. 

 Aunt Holly sent Luke a Frankenstein's Monster costume. Absolutely adorable! I mean scary.


Our nephew Austin helping Jake with the ham.

 The perfect punch making crew! Jenna, Allie, cousin Kaysha, Aunt Pam, cousin Kyla.

 Kaysha and Allie making Jell-o!
 The bearded kitchen boss was happy to keep everyone on task.

Jake made sure to get those bones pretty clean!

My nephew Carson's birthday was the day before thanksgiving. We had some cow boy cookies to celebrate. After Thanksgiving we had a party at the bowling alley to celebrate. Lots of pizza, pop, bowling, arcade games, and go-karting!
 Love this picture of Jake and our nephew Connor!

 The birthday boy and Allie fueling up for more bowling!


Kyla helping Kaysha and Reese knock down some pins.

 Getting some love from Granny!

Now some love from Allie and little Reesey!

Luke was blessed the Sunday after Thanksgiving so our many visitors could be there. Here he is all in white, getting some snuggles from his cousin Genevieve and Aunt Pheebs.
It was a fun and wild holiday with lots of family fun and black Friday shopping!