Sunday, December 21, 2008

Don't Forget!

There is another contest on Gramma Sander's Kitchen Blog! Just click on her blog link (scroll down to my link list on the right hand side of my blog) and leave a comment on the latest post, sharing with us your Christmas wish (or wishes)this year. There is no obligation, just leave a comment and you're entered for a prize. Have a safe and happy holiday season! Love to all!

Here comes Santa Claus!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Joys in my World

We had a few "oh, my" moments this week I wanted to share.

Jenna plays with Brock's train table quite a bit, so when I heard a bunch of clunking around and her shrieks and giggles, I thought nothing of it. When I heard a bit more banging than usual, I went to check on her, and there she was stomping on top of the table! Oh, Jenna.

Jenna sure likes stuffed animals, her newest love is one of Allie's Care Bears. (thankfully Allie is willing to share) She carries at all around the house and rubs its head, its so sweet.

Everynight either Jake or I will check on the kids before we head off to bed to straighten blankets and adjust sleeping positions (sometimes Brock's head is up in his bookshelf headboard or Allie has her feet on her pillow, etc.) So one night Jake came back to our room and said,"You gotta see this!" I hurried to the kids room with him and he pointed at Allie's bed and said, "Where is she?" I guessed Brock's bed, and I checked there first and surely, no Allie. Jake grinned and pointed at the crib. I guess Allie wanted some company that night, and climbed in to snuggle by Jenna. Oh, Allie.
I also wanted to share a quick story about my hilarious Brock. Last night was Jake's company Christmas party so I told the kids to pick up their rooms since the babysitter was coming soon. Since our usual babysitter had a basketball game, we were trying a new sitter who lived across the street. Brock was asking who was coming over the following conversation ensued...
Brock: "Is Laura coming over?"
Me: "No, she is busy today. Carmen from next door is coming to play."
Brock: " she pretty?"
Me: "Well, yes...but why does that matter?"
Brock: "I don't know, I just like looking at pretty girl faces sometimes."
Oh, Brocky.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Buddies

So today during Allie's nap, Brock, Jenna, and I all headed out to shovel the drive way. As you can see, Brock proved to be quite helpful. He is a pretty good worker.
Brock was excited to get his snow pants, boots, and new coat (intended for a Christmas gift) a bit early.

Here are my helpers all bundled up!

Jenna was quite excited to be outside, even if it was just to watch from her stroller in the garage.

Some helper... sleepin' on the job!

But she did prove to be helpful in removing the empty wrapping paper tubes from my wrapping area. I thought she looked so cute because the tube is way taller than she is!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Snow and First Steps!

Hooray! Our first day snow day! It was very tiny, dry flakes, so not good snowman snow, but we had fun anyway.
Brock just ran and ran laughing, until he would dive on his tummy and slide. It looked painful to me, but he loved it.
Alexandria on the other hand was very cautious and just liked to see her footprints.

They made "snow roads" for their trucks and tractors, I was very proud of their imagination and ability to keep warm, I was freezing! I kept going inside to be with Jenna.

Brock made 3 snow angels, according to Brock, one was him, and the other 2 were his best buddies (and cousins) Peyton and Jayson!

Poor Jenna, she wanted outside so badly, but I don't have snow gear in her size and I knew she wouldn't leave mittens on and would instantly plunge her hands into the snow, then be cold and uncomfortable. I thought the look on her face was fair being so little!

Here is a happier picture of out little Jenna. She has recently discovered she doesn't need furniture or a push toy to take some steps. She is doing very well and she laughs and smiles the whole time as she waddles to her destination. I wish I felt so happy when I have to get up and get moving!

Easy does it! She kind of shuffles with her knees bent at first, then she straightens out and really gets going. My baby is so big! *sniffle*
Hope you are all having a great winter and be sure to get out and play in the snow.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Deck the Halls!

So since our home here in Kansas is shaped so differently than our home in Nampa, we had to kind of start from scratch with our Christmas lights. We used most of our old lights, but we had to come up with new ideas since the landscaping and mere shape of the house is so different. Our Nampa house was tall but narrow, and here our home is short but wide. So we did what we could and I think it turned out really cute. This picture doesn't really do it justice because I had to go way across the street to take it, but you get the idea. Next year we hope to get more icicle lights fir the upper eaves. Grizwald (aka Jake) hated to call it quits, but I told him he had many more Christmases to improve our lights and make the neighbors jealous. We don't want to put everyone to shame our first year - haha!

Here is our "ginger bread" house.

Jenna would climb into Pa's lap whenever he'd sit down, they were fast friends during Gramma and Grampa Mulnix's visit for Thanksgiving. He kept Jenna busy while the rest of us got to work decorating.

Allie asked me what these were, and I told her they were stockings...I guess I need to read more Christmas stories to her!

So of course since we were all adoring Allie's mix-up, Brock decided he could top her cuteness by putting a stocking on his head as well. Our silly guy loves to make people laugh.

Oh, Christmas Tree! We found a great one at Home Depot this year. I think its our biggest one yet.

Sorry this one is side ways, I flipped it in editing, but it still uploaded this way so I guess you'll have to turn your head...but I thought it was a better shot to show its immense girth!
Come visit and we'll have hot coco by the fire!