Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Acts of Cuteness

So I found a bunch of photos on my camera that I did not take, so after some inquiries, I found out that Brock took like 15 pictures one afternoon while the babysitter was here. Although I was initially bugged that he convinced the babysitter that I actually let him use my camera, I was impressed by some of his pictures. I wanted to show my 2 favorite, nothing fancy, but I thought they were cute.

A close up of Allie, there were a lot of these, she poses very nicely for Brock, but when I want to take a picture, she runs!
Brock took a picture of Johanna from next door making popcorn...she is one of the kids' favorite sitters. Allie raves about Johanna's pretty "Jasmine hair", and they tell me she is very good at Hide-and-Seek and Simon Says.

This is just another shot of Jenna with bed head. She wakes up from her nap so happy and sweet! (sorry, I forgot to repair the red eye)

Last Sunday, I heard Allie giggling and then say,"Show mommy, Jenna!" and then Jenna marched out of their room with bunny ears on! It was so cute. I scrambled to get a picture before she took them off, and as you can see, I barely made it! Oh, she was wearing that Halloween shirt as an undershirt with a sleeveless dress...I am not that behind the calendar! Jenna loves that doll she is holding. It is Allie's so it is often disputed over, but Jenna loves to carry it around when Allie isn't looking.

Here is Brock last spring getting ready for the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. It was only a couple weeks after his cast was removed so he was still not allowed to walk very much. He crawled on the ground and gathered eggs while his friends and neighbors ran all around him. He never complained and just loved being included. The lady in charge said he could have a head start, but he wanted to go when all the kids could go. I mention this because last month Brock's X-ray showed that his femur bone is strong and growing, with no sign of the cyst re-occurring! One more check up at age 6, then we are in the clear!

We are glad he is big and strong with all the stress of the surgery and recovery behind us. The surgery was one year ago last week. We are so happy everything turned out great! This is a picture I took of Brock after he found out Jake was leaving on Saturday morning to go to a Scout service project. Brock hurried into his "working clothes" and put his gloves and hat in his backpack. His willingness to help and be a good worker makes me happy! Upon returning home I asked him if he was a good worker and he said, "Well, it was very cold outside and hard to work, but it was warm inside the house and I got to eat a doughnut!" Hmmm...maybe I outta serve more, I could sure go for a doughnut...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did I Miss Something?

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I'd share this pic of Jenna with bed head. Silly girl...
So anyway, now that we have church in the morning (instead of 1pm-4pm...ick!) we have a grab and go breakfast instead of a nice sit down spread. So the past few Sundays, I have made breakfast food at dinner time. Jake and kids adore Jimmy Dean sausage, and often ask for more after it is gone, but I am not the type to hop and up and make more...when its gone, its gone. So after several Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings with pleas for more sausage, I decided that tonight, I'd be generous, and I made 2 extra sausage patties. I figured Jake could have an extra, and the kids could share the other. So, we had a delightful meal, everyone ate their fill of sausage, left the table with happy tummies...and there... on the sausage plate....were 2 extra sausage patties! OK, so someone tell me...where did my math go wrong?

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Doll House

Allie got a doll house from her Granny this year for Christmas, and it is definitely the perfect gift for her. Jenna too! They play with it a lot, Allie even has a mini-van that she'll push down the hall to "Wal-Mart", then back to the house. There is a mom, dad, and twin babies. The babies have been named, "Pink" and "Blue", according to their jammies.
Brock isn't really into playing "house", but he does like to save the family from evil.

My sister, my friend!

So, the other day at church, Allie was sitting next to me, and she tapped my arm and said "Mommy, there is Jesus and Mary!" I was taken back at first, since I knew there were no paintings or pictures in the chapel, so I said, "Really, where?" I was expecting her to point out an old coloring page or story book of the kids in the pew in front of us. She pointed to the pew across from us, and sitting there, was a bearded brunette man, and a tiny brunette woman holding his hand. Instantly I bit my lip to keep from laughing. It struck me as so funny, that she thought she saw Jesus in church with us. By the time I composed myself, Allie was busy looking at a book, so I didn't bother to tell her that was not Jesus...I suppose I should have. Maybe next week...
Oh, Allie! We love this sweet girl!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Few More Firsts...

I have a Rubbermaid bin in my closet full of flip flops. Just about every color of the rainbow, plus stripes, polka dots, and flowered ones. Allie loves them and almost everyday while I am getting dressed, she will bring me a pair and say, "wanna wear deese shoes mama?" I usually say, "no thank you not today, its too cold for flip flops." Then she will go back in the closet and return with a different pair and ask the same question. After another "no thanks," she will pick out a pair that she wears herself around the house for a while. So today, I found some cute pink Strawberry Shortcake flip-flops at Target. She adores them and watches her feet while she walks. Even in the photo, she wouldn't take her eyes off of them.

Well, I got Brock a pair of brown cargo pants, which he calls his working pants, since Jake does a lot of work around the house in a pair of cargoes. When I bought them , I noticed they didn't have the inner adjustable waistband that I make sure his jeans have, but I figures, o-well, he really isn't that skinny anymore, they'll fit. Well, they didn't... not even close. So since I didn't want to venture out to return 1 pair of pants, I just got him a belt. They make great belts for little boys, they have a little peg that you just pop into the appropriate hole, there is no real buckle to deal with. Anyway, he picked one with Iron Man on the belt buckle. I okayed that choice since it was a much smaller, less noticeable buckle than the Incredible Hulk, Transformers or SpongeBob buckles...they were huge! Anyway, Brock is sure proud of his first belt, and Allie of her first flip-flops.
Here is Jenna with her first pony tail! Yay for having enough hair for an anorexic sprigget of hair! Look closely...its there.

We celebrated Jenna's first birthday on Dec. 28, 2008. Her 1 year check up was today. She is in the 60th percentile in height, and only the 8th percentile in weight! So little! She is actually perfectly healthy but to me she seems so small because both Brock and Allie were always in the 80 percentile in weight and upper 90s in height. But we sure adore out tiny treasure.

Jenna had plenty of flies willing to help open her birthday gifts! They gifts were opened in reocrd time, I only got one other picture, and I still am a little unsure as to who gave her what.

Yummy! I got talked into making a homemade chocolate cake (Jayne has a fabulously easy and delicious recipe from her friend Lorraine). Jenna didn't complain, so I guess it was ok. I made cute pink frosting and I wanted to make white polka dots, but my dots looked more like piles of white cat doo. Owell, I'll use a frosting tip thingy next time instead of a ziploc bag. Happy Birthday Jenna!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in Review

Well, we ventured out to Hamer, ID for Christmas and New Years. We had a great time and were very blessed to have (relatively) clear roads for our journey. There was a lot of food, fun, laughter, board games, mounds of toys, cousins, and memory making. Here are some photos of our trip, sorry they are not in chronological order.

It seemed that every time Pop would sit down, Jenna took it upon herself to bring him plenty of toys to insure he would not become bored. I believe in this picture he has Snow White, Cinderella and a Care Bear.

Jenna had a lot of help from big brother and sister on Christmas morning.

Allie loves her new singing Sleeping Beauty doll. I thought the huge green Hulk fist in the background was funny, kind of disturbs the pink princess theme of Allie's gifts.

Brock was glad to see 2 Star Wars ships!

Jenna loved to touch and pat the packages, but she never opened any. Christmas must seem a bit bizarre to babies.

Jayne has a Santa cookie plate which she let Brock and Allie use to set out a treat for Santa. I actually have one too, but I forgot to pack it, so I was glad she had one. Anyway, Brock was for sure Santa got tired of just cookies and milk, so he also put out beef jerky and a diet Coke. Oh, and the kibble in the green bowl was "reindeer food".
I took like 6 different wintry photos, (maybe I'll post more later). It was just so quiet and peaceful, I kept clicking away. There was soooo much snow. It was lovely.

My flash kind of ruined this photo, but there was Granny dripping with grandchildren watching a cartoon in the dark. It was so sweet.

Late one night we were getting ready to head over to Uncle Bruv's house for games, and Jake didn't want to bother putting on long pants, so he just put his boots on with his athletic shorts. I thought he looked so silly, I had to get a photo. He still makes me laugh everyday- I adore him!