Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pump It Up!!

My friend Lisa across the street has a little boy about Brock's age (the one whose party I posted a little bit ago) and she invited us to go to "Pump It Up!" with them. Its this fantastic place in Wichita with some great inflatable jump houses. It was such a blast, I got some great pictures.

I thought this one was cool, it was round, with a weird kind of bubble in the middle that the kids would try to get on top of...that's Brock and Allie on the bubble. The bubble was kind of wobbly, so if you jumped on oneside, you could catapult someone off the other end!
This small square one was really popular for the little kids. The age group for the time we went was 2 to 6, so I didn't put Jenna in a jump house, but I am sure I could have gotten away with it. She would have loved it, but I was worried she'd get trampled. But she has fun running around watching the big kids.

They also had a couple Little Tykes cars for baby brothers and sisters to play with. Jenna loved it! She would drive it around backwards, she couldn't quite get the hang of going forward, but she had fun nonetheless. So they still make these things?

AGAIN! The slide was fantastic! The kids would go super fast, then slam into the inflated stopper at the bottom, thank goodness for the stopper or the shoot right off the slide and into the wall!

Here is a bigger view of the place, the round one is seen on the right hand side of the picture, the slide is in the center, and the obstacle course is on the very left. That small square one is behind the camera view.

Here is Brock flying down the slide, that is his buddy Jonathan at the bottom. Yes, there were some collisions, but luckily no one was hurt...seriously at least. I witnessed a few tears, but none from my kids. Those yellow mats are for adults to use on the slide, they kind of slow you down, without the mats, adults are heavy enough to barrel right over top the stopper and hit the floor! I saw it happen, it was actually quite funny.

Here comes Allie!

Here is Jenna, a fly in the soup! She tried to follow Brock up the slide ladder a few times. Brock is the one in the red pants, and his buddy Jon, is in the grey sweat pants. You are not suppose to wear pants with too many buttons or zippers, plus sweats make them go super fast on the slide!

Allie the jumping bean!
Brock's favorite inflatable was the obstacle course, but its position in the corner of the building made it hard to get a picture, besides, once he got inside, you can't see him to take a photo anyway... but there was a little area you had to squeeze through, a wall with little pegs to climb up, a few tubes to climb over...or under, and of course, a slide at the end. What a day! They were red faced and exhausted when it was time to head home. Then we went out for lunch with Jon and his mom and the Burger King we went to had a play place! Sheesh, these kids were worn out by 1 pm, making it a quiet afternoon for me ....yea! You should see if there is a Pump It Up near you and go, its so fun!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Jake and I went out for a special night on Friday, since we kind of dislike going out on the 14th because of all the hoards of people. Besides, we wanted to have a fun day with the kids as well. Jake brought home 2 dozen roses for me, in red and white (our wedding colors! how sweet...) then he took me to P.F. Chang's for some fancy Chinese food. It was fabulous, my favorite was the lettuce wraps and the fabulous chocolate cake for dessert. Wow! I felt like a super star because Jake made reservations so we got to walk past everyone who had to wait (I overhead it was 1 1/2 to 2 hours of a wait). Hey, does anyone know why there is a huge horse outside of all the PF Chang's restaurants? Jake says its because they cook horse meat...I am sure he is kidding....right?
So then we went and saw Pink Panther 2 which was way funnier than I thought it would be, it was great! Go see it. We came home to a quiet house of sleeping children and an amazing babysitter who helped them make little crafts to give us for Valentine's Day. It was a great night!

Valentine's morning we opened all of our cute cards and the kids each got a new playground ball along with a puzzle for Brock, play make-up for Allie, and a tiny Pooh Bear for Jenna. (seen giving him kisses in the photo above). Brock insisted on getting Jake a Star Wars card for Jake, but the only one we could find was a birthday card. So I wrote Happy Valentine's Day over top Happy Birthday (white trash right?) Brock was very pleased because it plays the Star Wars theme when you open it. Kinda funny...
Oh, here are my pretty flowers. Something about having fresh flowers in the house just makes it seem homey and cozy!

I made Jake's egg on Friday morning in a heart shape. Aren't I clever? I am sure I am the first to ever think of that... (hmmm...is there a font for sarcasm?) Hope you all had a lovely day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Party Time!

Last weekend Brock and Allie went to our neighbor's 4th birthday party. Jonathan (seen below in the green striped shirt) and Brock have become really close buddies. They play at each others house several times a week and they play outside a lot too. Its been fun to see them get to know each other.

This was taken during "musical pillows". Brock did really well, it was down to him and one other boy, but the other kid was triumphant. The kids loved this game, i think they played three times.

Getting ready for the cake! Jonathan's mom made a super cute cake with toy snakes and lizards on it, the kids each got to take a little toy critter home. Yea!

Simon Says be cute! Here they are during Simon Says, I think they were roaring like a lion!

I forgot what they were doing here, I think waiting for their turn to try and pop a balloon... anyway, they had fun and it was great to see them laugh so much. Yea for birthdays!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey...Where's the Pot of Gold?

I was just starting dinner the other day when Brock came barreling in the house from our deck in the back and was yelling at me to "come quick, come quick!" I hurried out to see what the big deal was and there was this super vibrant rainbow! Of course, the photo doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea. We had a good rain storm the that day, and the wind quickly blew some of the clouds away so the sun started shining making a fabulous rainbow! In fact, if you look closely, there are actually 2. Brock and Allie jumped all around so excited to have a "double" rainbow. I forgot how magical rainbows seem...it just made me feel better after a rather stressful day.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun Times

Brock loves to "read" books to Allie. He basically describes the pictures, but Allie loves it and is always bringing him books if I am busy with something else. This particular day, they got their sleeping bags out and grabbed some books and had a fun little reading party. The book shown here is a "Star Wars Clone Wars" book and I filmed Brock reading as well, because he says "Jabba the Butt", instead of "Jabba the Hutt". Too funny.
Allie has a baby doll she likes to push around in this pink stroller, but I guess she wanted a chance to get a ride so she enlisted baby sister Jenna to give her a ride. Allie is holding a frying pan, I am not really sure why...

Allie has gotten to the age where she still needs a nap, but doesn't think she does, so sometimes getting her in bed and staying in bed is a challenge. One day she was upset about having to take a nap, so Brock asked her if she wanted to sleep in his bed, the idea really appealed to Allie, but I was pretty sure she would just play with all his toys, so after like 3 minutes I went to check on her and tell her to get back in bed, but there she was, sound asleep with Superman.

Jake recently got new glasses, so Brock wanted to wear his sunglasses all day to be like Dad. I decided I'd let him to see how long he'd go before the darkness would bug him...it didn't take long.

HULK SMASH! Brock got Incredible Hulk smashing hands for Christmas, and Jenna came trotting out of the toy room one afternoon wearing one. I though these huge green fists looked silly on Brock, but its even funnier on tiny Jenna!

Friday, February 6, 2009

"My Purse" Tag

Here is my little yellow purse, I really liked the buckles and bazillion pockets.

" My purse tag" rule: 1) "Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late (and the inside too). No, you cannot go up to your closet and pull out that cute little purse you used back before you had kids. We want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house."
Well, the contents of my purse include, cell phone, sunglasses, 2 packs of gum, anti-bacterial hand lotion (cucumber-melon to be exact) my pink card holder, orange cash purse, an old birth control pack, McDonald's gift certificates, compact, contact lens moisturizing drops, 3 $2.00 bills (random right?) soft lips lip balm, 2 jolly ranchers, $11.63, nail clippers, liquid hand sanitizer, and a starlight mint. Who says you need a big purse to hold a lot of stuff. Just find one with tons of pockets. One more note, it is full of junk, but there is zero garbage in my purse- I refuse to make it my family's dumping ground. If your kid has garbage, have them put it in their pocket! No pockets? I'd have them find a trash can or stash it in the car before I'd put it in my purse. But that's just me...

Tag rule 2) " How much did it cost:) And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, we’d love to hear it."
Hmm... I think it was $7.00, maybe $12.00 either way it was cheap and I found it at Target. I got a tiny purse because I wanted a purse for ME and not all my kids junk. So I have the diaper bag for them, and the purse for me. Its small enough to fit inside the diaper bag if I need. I actually rarely use my diaper bag, I only ever take it to church (or a long trip) but I keep a small pack of wipes and some diapers in my car at all times. I roll my eyes when I see moms at the grocery store with a huge diaper bag stuffed with supplies. Seriously, change your baby's diaper at home before you leave, and they will be fine for 1 hour trip to the store. If they have a blow-up, you can go to the car for the spare pack. Well at least that's my philosophy, let me step down from my soap box. Oh yeah, note the pink car holder in my purse, it has all my debit/credit cards, gift cards, drivers license, insurance cards etc, so if I do need the diaper bag for like a zoo trip or doctors appointment, I toss my pink card holder and my orange money holder in the diaper bag (or gym bag or whatever). I highly reccomend getting one, I got my pink one at Wal-Mart, I think it was like $4, and the orange thing I put my cash in is an old Clinique make-up sample purse my college roommate was going to throw away. Score!
Tag rule 3) Tag some chicks.
I was tagged by my friend Aimee, and now I tag Pheebs, Mary Beth, Aubree, Kristi, Holly, Randi, Averi, OK well anyone who reads this should do this fun tag... It was kinda fun to delve into the depth of my purse, you should try it, you never know what you could find!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Can't Think of a Good Title

The other day, I started to hear this weird screeching noise from the back yard, I looked outside and our lawn and the neighbors lawn was COVERED with birds, there were hundreds! It was sooo creepy. I went out to snap a picture which of course spooked all the creepy birds so this was the only shot I got since my camera is kinda slow. But you get the idea.
I think its funny that Brock looks so miserable and Allie looks so happy. I guess Brock wasn't crazy about the book choice.

Here is Brock in all his silliness. Last night at dinner, Brock yelled, "HELP! There is a green bean up my nose!" I laughed thinking he was joking because we weren't even having green beans that night, but luckily Jake hopped to had Brock blow his nose, resulting in a green pea emerging into the tissue. So it finally happened, our 4 year old, who completely knows better, stuck a pea up his nose. What a kid.
Allie loves dresses. She loves to choose her dress on Sunday mornings. She especially loves dressy shoes, her favorite are her shiny black "high heels". Anyway after church, Brock is usually out of his church clothes by the time we enter the house, and quickly in play clothes...Allie on the other hand wants to stay in her dress all day, which I adore since I was such a tomboy (and still kind of am) I kind of missed out on all the little girl dress up stuff, so I insist she be as girly as she wants. After lunch I caught her pushing her dump truck, despite her fancy attire. Best of both worlds I guess.

Our cookie monster! If I leave the pantry even open even just a crack, Jenna will open it up and drag out all the boxes of crackers until she finds the cookies way in the back. She brought me this box several times for help opening it, but after I put it back each time, she finally opened it herself a day or so later, and I caught her with a cookie in each hand. What a pickle!