Thursday, March 26, 2009

Makin' Mischief

I think Jenna's favorite activity is playing with my mixing bowls. If I clean up a mess (similar to the one in this picture) only twice a day, its a good day. Sure, I could get those special latches and keep her out of the cupboards...but I think its good for babies to explore and discover their surroundings... and besides, I think all the bending over is good for the waistline right?
When my anniversary roses started to wilt, I let Brock and Allie each pick a couple to have for themselves, and I had no idea they would serve as such a great (and time consuming) activity. They played outside with their flowers all afternoon. Allie just kind of danced with hers, and Brock's of course became some kind of weapon making laser beam sounds and explosions.
One night while checking the kids before I went to bed, I noticed Allie in this amusing position. She usually asks that I leave the bathroom light on so its not too dark, so I wonder why she wanted her head under the pillow where I am sure its quite dark. Jake says she is just "finicky" her mother.

Allie got some "lips sticks" in a little purse for Valentine's day, and I managed to capture her with some on her lips.. and a bit above her lips. Its funny how her desire to wear make-up actually gives her the appearance of a mustache. Sometimes she cakes it on so thick, that the blue, orange, and red smudges actually startle me, and I have to stifle my laughter in order to compliment her "beautiful make-up!"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kids and Pork

So here are a few random pictures I wanted to share.

My mom came for a visit and Brock always wants to play the games on her lap top. He is really into computers, almost too into them, but who knows maybe he'll be the next Bill Gates.

One day during a bunch of laundry, i noticed i wan missing a basket, I was surprised to see it being used as vehicle to zip Jenna across the dinning room floor. Looked like fun, I kinda wanted a turn. Posing after the fun. (sorry she is pantless, the pair of pants I put her in that morning were too big so she ditched them first thing.)

Brock and Allie have a new game they have played just about everyday since it has been warm. Brock is a ninja (apparently ninja gear is winter gloves and an ear band) and Allie is a cowgirl, notice her pink gun compete with holster (again, apparently cowgirls wear Sleeping Beauty high heels). Anyway, I get a kick out of their imagination.
I don't know whether to say giddy-up or ooo-la-la!

Whole hog? Really? I have no idea what that means. Maybe I don't want to know.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So we spent last week in Idaho for Jake's sister Pam's wedding. It was a fun trip, even though we left 60 degree weather for 20 degree weather. Here is our trip in review...

Jenna is a great packer, I was glad for her help!

We began the trip in Oklahoma (ok yeah, its a little out of the way) since Jake had some business to attend to. In fact, he ate in Oklahoma City at Toby Keith's Bar and Grill, you know from the song, "I love this bar?" I think they actually made the place after the song, but I don't think we are suppose to know that. Anyway, to kill some time, I took the kids to this great outdoor sports store. It was kind of like a Cabelas or Sportsman's Warehouse. They had a huge fish tank, which as you can see, kept Brock and Allie enthralled for quite some time.

Here is Brock by an enormous stuffed bear, Allie did not want to pose by the bear...I don't blame her, I thought it was creepy. But Brock loved it. On to IDAHO....

Here is the Rexburg, ID temple. It was lovely, but I have yet to see a temple which isn't. Pam was sealed to her husband Ryan, by the temple president, and he was actually quite funny and gave them great advice and had us all crying like babies by the end... it was so special and sweet. Happy times! was a chilly day!

Warming up in the van while Pam put on her " foofy white princess dress".
Here is Jenna running around despite church shoes and chilly weather. Jake's cousin Adam kept a close eye on her.

Awww, the happy couple... and the not as happy photographer. I have a picture without the photographer, but Pam's eyes were shut and Ryan's mouth was open. So just try to ignore the camera guy. You get the idea. Pam had a great dress and looked fabulous!

Look closely and read the tile. It was displayed on a long colorful table of candy for the taking. What a great idea! Too cute. Congrats to Pam and Ryan, I hope they enjoy the Caribbean cruise, a long relaxing week in the sun with fancy dinners and tons of shopping opportunities sounds pretty miserable, I hope they can bare it. ; )

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Wow, here we are in March already. 2009 seems to be flying! Jake and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on March 1. Jake and I have sort of a competition to be the first to say Happy Anniversary on the big day. This year, Jake called me on Feb 28th and said, "Happy Anniversary sweetheart!" I responded, "Honey, its tomorrow." He was so focused on saying it first, he didn't realize Saturday was the 28th. So sure enough Sunday morning he called me again (I was away for his sister Pam's wedding shower) and wished me a happy anniversary. I told him it had been a great 6 years and he replied, "Its been 7 years." I responded,"No, its been 6 years, we were married in 2003." Long pause then finally, "OK well, it seems longer!" It struck me as so funny. He still makes me laugh everyday.

Here are my roses and daisies Jake gave me on our anniversary. Daises make me so excited for spring, aren't they cute?
March 1, 2003 at the Idaho Falls Temple.

I saw Jenna carrying her new baby doll, and it was so cute I wanted to grab a photo, however, whenever my camera comes out, the other two head straight for the center of attention. This picture is proof.

Here is Allie practicing her tumbling. We took a Mommy and Me tumbling class at the YMCA. It was really fun and I intended to take my camera on the last day of class, but I forgot. So I had her do a few tricks at home. She mastered the forward roll (that's fancy tumbling talk for somersault), pencil rolls, balance beam (with kicks), bear crawls, parallel bars, and the rings. We had so much fun and her teacher said she could totally move up the the 3 year old class after her birthday. They usually recommend repeating the class 2 or 3 times before moving on, but I guess Allie is a natural.

Just a bit of dancing as well.

I discovered Jenna sound asleep with her leg hanging out of her crib. I thought it was so funny, I had to get a picture.
I hope you are all enjoying March so far, I know I am. March reminds me to reflect on the amazing man I married and how grateful I am to have him in my life. And lets not forget the Shamrock Shake and McDonald's. mmmm.... yeah, March is good.