Monday, April 20, 2009

Jake and Jenna

So, Jenna loves water, or maybe I should say liquid in general. She splashes in the tub, splashes in puddles in the back yard, and unfortunately, she even splashes is spilled drinks. In fact just the other night, Allie's cup of milk was left on the table, and Jenna who now climbs on the table at every chance, climbed up to the cup, dumped it out and began to splash and smear the milk everywhere! I was in Allie's room helping her with her jammies, when Brock called to me about Jenna and the mess. I hurried into the dinning room to see my newly bathed Jenna on her tummy in the puddle, swishing her arms back and forth spraying milk all over. Ug. Not only had I just cleaned Jenna, I had just cleaned the table and mopped the floor. Double Ug.

Oh, but there's more. That very same night, after the kids were in bed, Jake and I hit the couch for some winding down TV time. At one point, Jake moved to the floor to stretch his legs, and upon doing so, tipped over his very full glass of water. I found it funny since I had reminded him earlier not to knock it over. Next thing I knew, I heard this "swish swish" sound and to my horror, Jake was smearing the water all over the carpet! I yelled "Hey Jenna, quit smearing it around! Get a towel!" Jake was now useless with laughter so I had to get the towel. He thought it was so funny that I called him Jenna. I was trying to make a point that he was acting like a 1 year old child! But anyway, it was a funny way to end the day. Jake and Jenna, like father like daughter.

Friday, April 17, 2009

All in a days work...

Well, the grass seed we planted in our back yard last fall didn't come up as well as we would have liked, so we got some sod to cover some of the really bare areas until this fall when we can lay more seed to hopefully thicken up the lawn. Brock and Allie were happy to help, and those sod rolls are heavy, so it was nice to have them haul a few themselves. Hopefully we will have a nice back yard to play in this summer.

Brock and Allie making the Gator earn its keep!
Along with sod, Jake got some pretty flowers and white rocks for our front flower bed. It was pretty cold the day he planted the roses, so Jenna and I stayed inside, but I could hear her jabbering through the window to Jake, so I hurried outside to get a photo of her nose squished up against the window. Poor little thing!

Now that the kids are getting bigger, I can't just stuff all their laundry in one load together. I now have to do the girls laundry separate from Brock's. So one day, I decided Brock was old enough to do his own laundry - with some assistance of course. It was his job to take the clean laundry out of the the washer and put it in the dryer. After a few times of reaching way in leaning over the washer, he decided to just climb on top of the dryer and toss in the wet laundry. I thought it was rather clever and a time saver for his little arms.

Its funny how kids love to have tasks and responsibility, sometimes I wish I had just one day with no responsibility!

Sometimes when I am running around crazy busy, Brock will "read" to Allie. Its so cute to hear him try to re-tell a story I read the night before. I also dig this picture because Allie is wearing the dress she got for her Aunt Pam's wedding, just because she really wanted to. She loves to dress up. I let her wear it all day since it was too cold to play outside. Besides, the dress is too cute to only see on Sundays!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We has a cold and rainy, but Happy Easter. The weekend was full of activities and candy. I decided to throw away their left over Halloween Candy (yeah, I kept it out of their reach and rationed it out pretty good, otherwise, they would do nothing but sit around and eat candy) since they began to accumulate so much candy from the various hunts we attended.

Here are the kiddos getting ready to color eggs. They had a blast and were content to just sit and watch the eggs soak. Allie pretty much only wanted to make pink eggs, and Brock wanted a blue Superman egg and a green Hulk egg, so no surprises there.
Jenna (seen here with a pizza sauce face) was very gentle with her pink egg, unlike her older sister who kept smacking them together and cracking them. Needless to say, the kids got to try a hard boiled egg. They liked them.
Jake's family tradition was to find your Easter basket on Easter morning already filled with a few prizes. So we hid, er, I mean the Easter Bunny hid each of the kids' baskets upstairs, and had the eggs and candy hidden downstairs. Brock's basket was pretty well hidden since he is the oldest, and girls were a bit easier.

Allie's was behind the red curtain. We did give them little clues, as to avoid frustration.

Jenna's basket was in plain sight, and she got the hang of the idea of toting her candy and toys around very quickly.

Allie wanted to wear her bunny ears before they hunted downstairs, who would say no to that?
The hunt begins! Jenna got a head start. She would pick up a piece, try to eat it, then throw it down when she realized it had a wrapper on it.
Candy galore! Wahoo! (note to Jake's family...yes, that is one of the carrot eggs, we also have the Bronco egg. I am not really sure why, but they were in with our Easter stuff. *shrug*)

Looking for more!

This is at the community Easter "Eggstravaganza!" at a local park on Saturday morning. It was fun, but the ridiculous droves of adults forcing their kids to get most candy (the crowd behind Jake is only a small fraction of the hoard) made it impossible for the important people (like myself) to get any good photos of their kids. How rude!
A quick pose at the park. Brock's face is so funny, I think he was asking a question about when the hunt started. He asked about 34,798,239,572,304,982 times.

This was the neighborhood hunt Saturday evening. It was way better than the one at the park since the adults didn't follow so closely. See...better pictures.

When the morning hunt at the park began, Allie flipped out when the huge crowd went running for candy, she dropped her bucket and buried her face in my legs. But as you can see in this picture, this lower key hunt at the neighbors was a lot less intimidating and she had a blast. Brock hunted in the big kid area (seen below), and the big kids did so well, they were pretty much done by them time I got there, so I don't have a very good picture of him. But he had fun, his area's eggs were actually hidden and in very clever places. I think he liked the challenge.

You can see a purple egg on top of the grill. There were also some inside a swing set and hidden amongst flowers and such. Good times! After the hunt, we had a pot luck picnic with the neighbors, it was fun and there was yummy food that I trusted eating. Yea!

Friday, April 10, 2009

All Partied Out!

Well, it is time to close the book on Allie's third birthday and look forward to Easter, but here are a few more photos of her big day.

Jake came home a little early to surprise Allie, even I was surprised! Dad coming home early is a big treat for us. Here is the birthday girl posing before being let loose on her gifts!

What a patient girl! This book was the first thing she opened. She sat down and looked at the pages and asked if we could read it right then. She didn't seemed concerned at all about the other presents, it was sweet.

Here she is trying to hold up three fingers, I love how it takes such concentration!
Time for the cake! Allie chose chocolate cake with pink frosting. Yummy! She is wearing the Princess backpack we got her already crammed full of the Disney Princess dolls from Granny and Pop!
Phew, what a day! She crawled into our bed ready for a break! Being three is exhausting.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today's the day!

Allie had a very fun day! I only have a few pictures that I downloaded this morning, I am so partied out, the trek up the stairs to get my camera in order to download the photos I took after lunch seems daunting, so these will have to to for today.

I made Allie a little crown to wear today. She actually wore it quite a bit more than I thought. You can't really tell, but one side has a flower on it, and the other side has a caterpillar and a butterfly, her two favorite "buggies"
Allie got a "Big Wheel" first thing this morning. She loves it and went up and down the side walk all day. I am so glad she likes it, Jake and I debated about getting her one for a long time. Looks like we made the right choice.

All grown up! Allie also got to open a new outfit to wear today. She loves jeans with embellishments, so she was pleased. I'll post party picks later!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Time!

Alexandria turns three this week! She was born on April 7th, I'll admit I had hoped she'd be born on the fifth, making her birthday 04-05-06 (cool, huh)...however, those of you who know Allie well, she does not like to do anything unless its her idea. So knowing what I know about her now, I am not surprised she waited until she was ready. She has been our drama queen since day one, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

I thought it would be nice to dedicate our family blog to Allie this week, in honor of her birthday, and make it a tradition to do so on all of our birthdays. I thought this new background was perfect, because the balloons look kind of like Easter eggs. Great for a April birthday! So anyway, here a few fun facts about Allie...

  • Allie has a bad habit of sucking on her index finger. She is doing so in the photo above, taken when she was about 18 months. My babies aren't really into binkis, but Allie still goes to sleep with her finger in her mouth. Needless to say, her poor finger is kinda weird looking from being wet so often. But, I have noticed, she only does it when sleepy or recovering from an injury, so I am hopeful that she will have lovely wedding photos without her finger in her mouth.

  • Allie also has an addiction to her pink silky blanket, also seen in the photo above. I am less confident "blankey" will be absent at her wedding, it is very important to her. I think I could have her finger surgically removed and she'd be over it in a day or two, but no blanket? Heaven help us.
  • Allie has a medley of nick names. Breezy started when she began running. She would no longer ever walk, even if it was only 3 steps. She would run. So we began commenting on how she would breeze in ands out of the room. Breezy then became Breezy Boo. We also called her ginger for a bit, since she had such a gingerly attitude. Then that morphed into Gingy, Gingy bingy, and joongy boongy (Brock's adaptation.) We still actually call her Gingy quite a bit.
  • Allie loves broccoli. She calls them baby trees.

  • If Allie gets scolded for hurting another child, she cries harder and longer than the injured kid.

  • Like most little girls these days, Allie loves the Disney Princesses. I believe Cinderella is her favorite, with Belle and Ariel tied for second.

  • Allie was born in 4 hours and 2 minutes from first contraction to her birth. Then she was shipped straight to the NICU for a pneumothorax (lung trauma), See....drama from day one.
  • Ever since Allie's aunt Pam got married in the Rexburg Temple, Allie's dolls will drive from their doll house to the temple for weddings and dancing. I don't know where the dancing part came from, but its pretty cute.

  • Allie would wear a church dress and shoes everyday if I'd let her. I have her wear play clothes if we go outside, but I don't mind if she plays inside in a dress. Speaking of changing clothes, she does so at least twice a day, sometimes more.

Stay tuned to our blog for more pictures and stories of our little Joongy Boongy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We had a "gnarly" (as Jake puts it) ice storm last week. We didn't get hit as bad as some of the cities just north of us, but we had some pretty crazy weather. It was extremely windy with tons of freezing rain which eventually became snow. They sent the kids home from school early, and quite a few of the business closed early. It was pretty intense, but it made for a cozy weekend at home.
Here is our little oak tree, after the skies cleared, it looked quite pretty covered in ice.

Jake's Explorer was in the driveway and Saturday morning, Jake took a picture of it completely iced shut.

My poor little baby willow tree was completely bent over from the weight of the ice. But I went out and broke off a lot of the ice when the storm ended, and he is upright again and looks great. I am glad he made it, weeping willows are my favorite!

The house was chilly the morning of the storm, and I got such a kick out of Brock bundling up with a hunting hat, baggy sweat shirt, and pants that are too short. He cracks me up.

To keep busy, since outside playing wasn't much of an option, I caught Brock and Allie playing superheroes, with a little Polly Pocket in distress. So cute.