Thursday, June 25, 2009

It has easily been 100 degrees everyday this week. Ick. The other day I noticed a fireman opening the fire hydrant right outside our house. It was such a massive amount of water pouring out - it was amazing! By the time I got my camera, he was closing it back up, so my picture is kinda pathetic, but I thought it would have been so fun to run through so much water. Maybe I'll go look for Jake's wrench....its soooo hot. If we go outside it is only for water activities.

The water reached all the way across the whole street, and it wasn't like a was a wall of gushing water!
Today Brock informed me it was too hot to that's hot! But when his friend next door invited him and Allie over to jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler under it, he was raring to go. I would have taken pictures, but I was afraid my camera would melt. Its soooo hot. I am looking forward to our vacation in the cool mountain air of Eastern Idaho. Hope you are all having a great summer!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Arg, me swabies!

The new activity of choice in our house is playing pirates. Jake helped the kids take it to another level the other day by getting everyone a pirate hat. I am not sure why, but apparently pink polka dot swim suit bottoms are an acceptable pirate hat. Doesn't Jake have a fabulous pirate face?

Brock even has a pirate treasure chest full of various treasure, which he and Allie try to keep from "Black Beard". Brock is usually "Jack Sparrow" and Allie is "Cap'n Belle".

Even Jenna gets in on the action. Here she is with her hat and a baseball bat she swings like a sword. Jake just calls her "swabie", I guess that's pirate jargon.

On a completely different note, one morning Jake noticed this bunny in our yard. He was quite brave, the kids were able to get pretty close. I had Jake chase him away though, I don't want him munching on my garden! He was sure cute, I think Allie wanted to keep him.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crafty? Hardly.

So a year ago when we moved in (well almost a year ago) my mother bought me some letters spelling each of my kids names. I finally took an afternoon to paint them. I think they turned out pretty cute.

I don't know that I would consider this a craft. All I did was paint wooden letters, but I like to think I could jigsaw out some letters if need be. I used a jigsaw in 7th grade shop class...I broke the blade. To this day I owe Freeport Junior High $5.23. I did mix a few of the colors though, I didn't own any pastel and I didn't want to go get some, so I made my own.
Phew...that's a long name! I kind of spaced taking a picture of Brock's name. I did his in bold colors, I didn't think he'd appreciate pastel.

Little Allie, er I mean, "big girl" Allie has tossed the toddler bed and graduated into a big bed! She loves it, it is very comfy and quite bouncy. She and Brock jump until out of breath everyday. Jake was hoping for a Disney Princess comforter, but I really wanted something other than Princesses, possibly something she wouldn't grow out of in an instant. I figured you can't go wrong with stripes. She has Cinderella sheets though, so everyone is happy.

Brock got a marble tower from his Grandparents for his birthday and it has been a big hit. The whole family gets involved and we race our marbles - I can never tells whose is whose, but Jake can always tell...and his marble always seems to win. Hmmm....

Yikes, a whole year has gone by since I has a professional shoot some photos. I usually insist Jake comes along to help, but we end up stressing each other out more than helping each other, so I decided to take a crack at it myself. It was quite easy. Brock and Allie are a piece of cake, they love the camera and posing, but Jenna was a bit of a handful, but we did OK. The group ones were the hardest, Jenna wanted to be alone and kept pushing at Brock and Allie. It seems that in every shot, at least one was looking goofy or the wrong direction. Kind of a shame, but I suppose that is how it goes.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Fun in the Sun!

OK, well I suppose technically, it is still spring time, but I'm not one to be technical, so I am calling it summer. It has been nice and warm here so we have had a blast getting out some of our water toys. Last summer we were in our temporary apartment, but it had a pool so we could still have water fun, but I much prefer kiddie pools and slip and slides in the back yard. Its not a big deal if your kid has to pee or if you are expecting a phone call. Thankfully, Jake has worked hard to get our back yard growing, and our newly laid sod has taken nicely, so we have really enjoyed the back yard.
Here is our little pool. It has inflatable sides so the kids will jump in and crash into the soft sides, it looks very fun. I don't dare try it, I can just imagine the "Pop!" and a wave of water hitting the grass. I refuse to be the one to destroy the pool, that's the kid's job.

Run! Jake would run and grab the kids and throw them in the pool. The kids love it, but they still run away screaming. I guess the chase is part of the fun.

Our double Superman Slip and Slide survived the move and a year of storage - hooray! It has proven to be even more fun here in Kansas, since our back yard is sloped to allow the rain water to runoff, so the kids get going really fast since they are sliding down hill. Brock's good friend Jonathan (and his sisters Lexi (13) and Kaitlyn (9)) joined us one afternoon, they loved racing and crashing into each other at the end.

After a fun afternoon of water games, we all enjoyed a Popsicle. This is Allie and Jonathan's sister Lexi having one in the pool, I guess that helps eliminate stickiness. She and Allie have become fast friends, and Allie is the new proud owner of a lot of Lexi and Kaitlyn's old Barbies, purses, hats, and jewelry. It seems every time they stop by, they have a new prize for Allie. Its sweet.

Jenna really enjoyed Brock's birthday cupcakes. I love messy face photos, so I wanted to share this one. Chocolate sounds really good right now. I wonder if I have any frosting left....