Monday, August 31, 2009

Air Show '09

Wichita is full of aviation factories and companies, so naturally, there is an air show every summer. This year it was free to the public (woohoo!) but since it was $4.00 for a tiny lemonade, I am sure they made enough money. We had a lot of fun. There is an air force base here as well, so there was a lot of neat military stuff on display. It was like 75 degrees with a breeze - perfect day to be outside watching crazy pilots risk their lives for out entertainment.

Hangin' out in a Hummer!
Checking out the weapons.

Nice. I told Jake this should be our Christmas card. "Have a Merry Christmas, or we'll hunt you down!"
They had a lot of little planes kids could sit in. Well, at least I think they could get in. Some has signs saying "do not touch"....but if there was no sign, I was hoisting my kids inside!

Jenna was a bit sleepy, and chilled in the stroller most of the time, but here is proof we brought her along.
Here was an outhouse they rigged with a rocket booster. Too funny. I wish I had caught a photo of the flames shooting out of that black tube, but you get the idea.

Here is the official Air Force rocket car. Would you get in a car with a rocket engine? It was neat to watch it explode down the runway, but anything that has to be stopped with a parachute, is not for me.
So, in lieu of school being in session, how about an equation. What does this lady...
plus this plane equal?
It equals that lady standing on that plane. Not my idea of fun, but again - it was sure exciting to watch. Crazy lady.

Military chopper.
Sitting in the chopper, gettin' the bad guys.

OK blurry photo, but this jet was going uber fast, as you can imagine - I mean, its a jet. Anyway, I would click my camera on blank sky, and hope the jet would be captured on its way in. Took 6 tries, but I got him! This was my favorite to watch, it was bizarre how you would see it go by, and then hear it. That's pretty fast. Wish you could have come with us! (oh yeah, this is blog post #101...hope you have been enjoying my blog! My Nampa friends encouraged me to start one when we moved to the midwest, and I have enjoyed keeping a web log a lot more than I had imagined. I suppose I'll keep it going a while longer. Love to all!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Daze!

A few days before school began, we got a babysitter for the girls and took Brock out to dinner and then to buy some school supplies. He really enjoyed being the center of attention. He chose Johnny Carino's for dinner, he loves their chicken Alfredo. He also loves to chew on the lemons that come with my water. What a goof!Mmm...lemony! You might notice the pizza he designed on his menu, you can't tell in the photo, but there are very detailed toppings in each colorful slice.

Brock is in the afternoon class (just like I was as a kid!) and so 12:35 couldn't come fast enough for him! He wore his back pack most of the morning in anticipation. Here he is working on his newest 100 piece puzzle. (he can complete it with no help - I was impressed!) Anyway, he was trying to keep busy until after lunch time.

A quick pose before heading to school!
Brock has inherited his father's forced smile for photographs. Too funny.

Getting off the bus! There is a funny story behind this one. I was in place with plenty of time to get a picture of him actually getting off the bus, however, my camera setting was switched to recording - not still shots. (most likely happened while being jostled in my purse) Anyway, I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't snap a picture, and accidentally made a tiny movie. This was the shot I got after I figured it out. Anyway, I loaded the movie because I wanted to share how cute he looked getting off the bus, he was so excited to tell me all about Kindergarten. Please ignore my loud voice, I didn't know I was being recorded, but I am glad I was talking to Brock instead of cussing at my $#%^& camera for not taking a snapshot! Haha!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jungle Jake and Jenna

Jake spent last weekend in Texas and New Mexico on an antelope hunting trip. Jake dusted off his rifle and was excited to try some "big game" hunting. After a few misses, he and his buddies realized his scope was off, and after "siting the scope" he dropped the next antelope in one shot.

I don't know a lot about antelope, but I am told this is a pretty big one. Doesn't Jake look cool in his hunting camo?! I love this picture of him.
We planted the antelope's head in the garden. Not for an antelope tree, but so the bugs and microbes can remove all the flesh so we can have a nice white skull to put in our guest room. Anyone wanna come visit?

This is why I have been referring to Jenna as "Jungle Jenna". She has become quite the climbing monkey. This is what I found after a trip to my bedroom to find the phone. She got a snack from the cupboard and was admiring the view from the counter. She must have pulled open my towel drawer and used it as a step. Little monkey. Most mothers would rush to help her down, I took a picture instead.

Along with climbing, Jenna has decided she is too big for her high chair, and began throwing a fit whenever I'd try to put her in it, so we have graduated her to just a booster chair. She is growing up fast! She just had a check up (and 4 shots! boo!) and she is in the 90th percentile in height, and 25th in weight. She is falling in line with her siblings at this age, long string beans! The paper they gave me said at 18 months, kids should should be saying about 6 words. I was pleased because she knows way more than six. Her most recent include, buckle, sorry, candy, shoes, baby, book, kitty, dog, bunny, and car. I love watching babies become toddlers - it reminds you how the world can be so amazing.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I 'heart' sandwiches! (and club houses!)

Allie has become a "finicky" eater. I say finicky not picky, because she will eat almost everything, but she just seems uninterested in food at times. (wish I had the same issue!) Anyway, one day I was out of ideas so I went with Peanut Butter and honey, which I new would leave Allie uninterested, so I decided to make it in a heart shape.
To my excitement - she loved it and was so happy!! She ate the whole thing. Brock, who was having ham and cheese, was a little bummed. I tried to play up the excitement of his sandwich being cut in 2 triangles, but that wouldn't fly. Then I told him that it was too hard to cut through ham and cheese with my plastic cookie cutter. To which he replied, "Well, can't you just cut the bread, then make the sandwich?" Oh...yeah...(briliant, right?). So the next time we had sandwiches for lunch, everyone got a heart shaped sandwich.

One evening while Jake was out of town, I decided to turn a huge box from our garage into a club house. A quick door and window - then I had the kids decorate it with crayons and markers. They have been playing with it for over a week. On a budget? Cut holes in a box - its quite fun!

Little blurry, but here is the front door.

A view of the back window, its a great place for an after dinner Popsicle!

On a side note, Brock lost his first tooth - about an hour ago (its 9:30pm on Thursday)! I wanted to throw in a couple pictures of his big moment. He was a bit nervous when I told him his loose tooth would come out. He is not a fan of blood, but it didn't hurt and barely bled. He was so proud and thinks he is hot stuff!
Here he is admiring his hole. His bottom teeth rarely ever show, so I don't think he'll get too many people noticing, which means he will probably walk around with his finger holding down his bottom lip. That should get some stares. I was certain he was too young for a loose tooth, so when I noticed his tooth hanging funny, I drilled him about his most recent injuries. He doesn't always report bike crashes or falling off of something for fear I'll make him sit down and be still for a minute - heaven forbid! Anyway, I did a bit of research and I found out the first tooth coming out is usually between ages 5 and 7. Phew! However, my source did state that if the child is five, they are intelligent, creative, handsome, and has a talented and wonderful mother. How true...hehe.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Surprise Festival!

Last week my neighbor and good friend Lisa, called to invite Brock to go to the park with her and her kids. Brock is very good friends with her youngest, his name is Jonathan and he is about 9 months younger than Brock. So, they left for a the park and a few minutes later, she called me to tell me that there was some sort of festival at the park with tons of fun stuff - and free food! Naturally, I grabbed the girls and we all headed to check it out, despite the 100 degree weather. It was called "National Night Out", a local annual party at one of the parks. Here is Brock and Jonathan posing for a picture, Jenna's eyes were glues to the YMCA dance troop who was performing at the time.

Here is Allie getting a butterfly painted on her face. It was very cute - a white one with blue and red polka dots.

Allie did the inflatable slide a ton, I made her stop after a while because she was turning bright red!

All is right in the world of a toddler when they have a balloon.

The boys were great jumpin' beans.

They had a station where kids could color a police hat and badge. Brock took his work very seriously. If you look closely, he is wearing 2 police badge stickers. He thinks policeman are so neat! Did I mention the police came to the house one night when we had a babysitter over? I'll have to make a post about that one.

This was the COOLEST thing ever! I will try to explain without being too you can see the cab of this pick-up rotates a complete 360 degrees. In fact, it spins very quickly. To start, the policeman operating the cab buckles in a dummy, then spins the cab. You can see the dummy's arms flapping, but nothing too cray. Then they stop the pick-up cab, and unbuckle the dummy. Once unbuckled, they get the cab rotating again, and within the first complete turn, the dummy was half-way out of the window...and get this...I wish my camera would have caught it, but the second time the roof of the truck was upside down, the dummies head was crushed in between the platform and the pick-up. was pretty scary to think of being crushed by your own vehicle. Please buckle up!

I have to laugh at myself for this one. There was a cool old timey car there on display, but I was so focused on getting the kids to look at me (which obviously didn't happen) I didn't even get a good shot of the car! What a dip.

Since it was a bazillion degrees, they had a fire hose on to mist the kids (and adults too) in need of some cooling off. Great idea!

After we had our fill of fun, we proceeded to the playground for a few minutes of play time before having to head home for bed time. Next summer I will pay more attention to the date of "Night Out" so I won't bother making dinner, and we can take advantage of free pizza, hot dogs, drinks, and ice cream. I was bummed we had already had dinner that night! After the play ground, our neighbors came over for some root beer floats. Jake was away on business, and my friend's husband was deployed earlier in the week so we had ice cream and talked about how much we love our husbands!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Summer Fun

Wanted to catch everyone up on some summer fun!
Jenna has discovered she loves slippers. She struggles to decide between borrowing Brock's Spider Man slippers or Allie's Care Bear pair, so she often opts for one of each.

I am not usually all "matchy-matchy" with my kids, but on occasion the girls will dress alike for church. These were the dresses they wore to their Aunt Pam's wedding. This dress is easily Allie's first choice on Sunday mornings.

Jake told Brock if he weeded the garden, he could earn some money for school supplies. The very next day, even before breakfast, Brock got dressed and headed out to the garden. Our poor garden needs some TLC before we can expect much out of it, the soil is way too thick and sticky. But our watermelons, tomatoes, and pumpkins (on the end not showing in this photo) are doing quite well. I have teeny tiny melon marbles. Can't wait to see what happens!
One hot afternoon I decided to add a little variety to our backyard water fun. I put the castle slide in the water and let the kids go nuts. It was very fun.
Jenna would go down the slide over and over, but would scurry out of the ater right away. I am not sure its because she just liked the slide that much, or if she was avoiding the water. Either way, she had fun.
Brock got quite creative. He is certainly a daredevil.

They also like to play "drowning." Sounds fun, right? Allie will pretend to be drowning, and Brock will drag her to the edge of the pool and dump her out onto the grass. I think Allie likes being the damsel in distress, and Brock loves to be a hero. So I guess its a fitting game. Only a few more weeks of summer, we have sure enjoyed ours - hope you have too!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A bit of a change

Ok, so I decided I want to make my blog private, so please leave me a comment with your current email address or even a message on facebook if you prefer so I can add you as a reader! Love to all!