Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkins + Knives =

Good times! We carved our pumpkins last night...always a good time. (except I broke one of my favorite Emeril knives, d'oh!)
Allie wanted a Princess Pumpkin...of course. So I made a face with big luscious lips and eye lashes. It doesn't look like a princess, but Allie likes it and she added a few princess stickers.

Brock and Jenna kept Dad busy with pumpkin face requests.

The master.Left to Right: Allie's pumpkin (princess) Jenna's pumpkin (happy "pumpa", I just drew her pumpkin's face, he was too little too carve.) Jake's pumpkin is next, its an old toothless man, and I think the best one this year. Mine is next, and looks the same every year. Brock wanted an Iron Man pumpkin, but decided at the last minute he wanted a scary one....but it ended up looking just like mine, even though Jake carved it.

We were so proud of our work!

Ooooo! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brock's art...

So, Brock's object of choice for drawing is a person. I have lots of drawings of me, Jake, Brock's cousins and sisters. He likes to draw multiple people playing together. His people usually look the same, varying only in size. He is always sure to include ears...which I think is cute. Anyway, I happened upon this drawing in one of his seemed to have extra body parts (in the chest area), not usually included. I wasn't sure to laugh or I took it to the source...

Me: Brock, hunny... I see you have made a new drawing.
Brock: Yep!
Me: I like this one, is it me?(cringing, that he might have noticed a difference of male and female anatomy a little too much)
Brock: no, that one is me.
Me: is? So uh, what are those circles?
Brock: oh mom, those are my lungs!
Me: (relieved!) Oh, you're right, silly me!

I guess all of his past breathing issues has made him very aware of his lungs. Phew!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We ventured out on a chilly Saturday morning after Brock's final football game to the local pumpkin patch. Its about a 2 minute jaunt down the highway, and a fantastic place for kids. We had a blast last year, so we knew we'd be back this year. It was cold, but that didn't stop us from going. Check it out...

Look at all those pumpkins! This is just a portion of the patch, my camera lens just wasn't wide enough.

Cutest bus load of kids I've ever seen! Don't you love Brock's ear flap hat? Jake got him it for him, as a sort of joke, but Brock loves it.

The petting zoo had rabbits (isn't that yellow sign funny?), goats, alpacas, and those fluffy red chickens. The zoo was a new addition this year.

A teeter-totter shaped like a plane! Good idea. They had a lot of new playground equipment this year.

Brock liked trying to climb to the top of one of those wobbly rope ladders, he did pretty well, the lady was nice to try and steady it for him.

The slide was a big hit last year, so we did it a lot. Here is Jake with Jenna. She kept saying "more more!" So then I took her down 4 more times. it was really fast - I loved it. Brock and Allie raced on it too. I told Jake he should build us on for the back yard. It would make a good water slide too I bet.


Racing on the trike track. (say that three times fast- haha!) Jake is in the background helping Jenna - she wouldn't take "you're too little" for an answer.

A gourd gun! Sweet. Brock hit the target 2 out of 3 times. Pretty good! There was also a pumpkin cannon, we watched a few people take turns. The first one we watched, the pumpkin just exploded and its remnants flew out...kind of a bummer. But the next one rocketed that pumpkin about half a mile - it was amazing! I really want a pumkin cannon now.

Tractor ride? Yeah, I want a tractor ride! I am so glad Brock is such a sweet older brother and wanted Jenna to sit with him "so she can be safe" he said.

" Is that the biggest one dad?"

Jenna was so sweet and gently with her "pumpa". She just cradled it and wandered around patting it on occasion. I think I said "awww" like a zillion times. What a huge patch!

Posing with their pumpkins. You take a hayless hay (I guess you'd say its more of a huge wooden wagon) ride from the play area to the actual pumpkin patch, for pumpkin picking, so of course that was a thrill for the kids. What a fun trip! Then we went swimming at the YMCA. We came home with very hungry and very tired kiddos. It was a good day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lovin' Our Town

Our town has a little festival every year called Greater Andover Days. There are all sorts of activities and contests for three days. We enjoyed the parade, carnival, and the fireworks show. Last year it was super hot and 100 degrees, and this year, we wore jackets in the 50 degree weather. We much prefer the jacket weather.
Little Miss Jenna admiring the fire hydrant.
We sat on the lawn of a retirement home to watch the parade, and they were giving out free doughnuts to parade watchers yeah, of course we got some!

Brock seems to make a friend everywhere we go. He found this little boy in the orange and became fast friends.
McGruff and the Fireman Dog (background) were a big hit on their golf carts driving around in circles. I ran out of batteries so i didn't get very many parade photos. Both high schools and both middle schools had their marching bands in the parade and Brock and Allie would boogie to the was soooo funny and cute to watch. Wish I could have filmed it, blast my poor battery power!

Allie and Jenna enjoyed the helicopters and of course the merry-go-round, which Brock no longer has an interest in. In fact, Brock was actually too tall for certain rides now, so Jake was thrilled and encouraged Brock to ride...

THIS! I was so scared for him....but he loved it. He got to lay down and fly like Superman so duh, that was a blast for Brock.
These older boys were so nice and talked to Brock to help get him pumped before it started, he loved it and cheered and waved at us the whole time.

Waving from the Gondola. Jake took Allie and Brock on the Ferris wheel, despite Allie not wanting to, but Jake convinced her and she loved it.

Mmmm $3.oo for 1000 calories. Nice.

Jake went to the Priesthood session of Conference, but that didn't stop the rest of us from going to the fireworks. We put on pajamas, popped some popcorn and had a pajama picnic. Fun times!

Enjoying a snack in the cool night air... I bet the birds had a nice breakfast of popcorn the next morning.
Getting chilly, better snuggle up! Jenna was with me in my lawn chair, she is still a little uneasy around fireworks, but she snuggled her teddy bear and didn't cry. They played music during the show, a lot of oldies - I loved it!
Looking forward to next year. We sure love our new town!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


When we first moved to Wichita, we lived very close to a YMCA, so we signed up right away. Then after we moved into our house, we were about 15 minutes away - so naturally we were thrilled when the Y here in Andover opened up. It is a great facility and like 2 minutes from our house. Here are some of the things our kiddo's have been to at the Y!

Allie loves tumbling class. She took a class as a 2 year old, where I stayed and helped her on all the equipment, but now that she is 3, she gets to go without me sticking around. I was afraid she'd just sit there and not do anything, but she loved it and participated happily. She could so a somersault pretty easy, so the ladies helped her do a sort of slow front hand spring. I was impressed!

On the balance beam, she kept saying, "I dont need help, teacher." You can see the rings in the back left of the photo. I couldn't get a good picture there because of the morning sun glaring through the window, but she could hold herself upside down with her knees tucked up and they'd push her and let her swing back and forth. Pretty fun stuff!

Flips on the bars...

looks at that concentration - so funny!

Bear crawls on the bars. In the background you can see the super long trampoline with the foam cube pit at the end. They did "starfish jumps" on the tramp, but never into the pit. I kinda wanted to sneek over and jump in myself...looks so fun!

Brock has been playing flag football this fall. He likes it, but I don't think he really understands the game yet. There are a lot of little things in football that little kids can't remember from play to play, but it is very entertaining to watch. Especially the fathers who come wearing their football jersey's from their glorious has-been days and scream at their kid like its the NFL. Seriously - let them be kids!

Blocking...headed for lineman history like his father!

Blocking a pass - woohoo! Brock was very good at defending the ball itself, but not as good as grabbing the flag. He'd run side to side with the kid with the ball, then smile and wave at us on the sidelines instead of grabbing the flag - silly boy!
Allie and Jenna are great cheerleaders.

The park where they play football has some great trees. I usually send the girls off to explore when they get bored with the game. They gather sticks, leaves, and whatever else looks interesting.
Jake thinks the kids should do more swim lessons next, but I'd prefer to teach them to swim one on one. The classes are sure fun, but they learn very little. I'd rather do another round of tumbling and Brock really wants to try basketball. After basketball, he will have tried everything and can pick his favorites. I am not going to make him keep playing sports he doesn't like. So far he likes soccer the best, but I think that's because he understands that game more then football, and he didn't play soccer in the heat of summer like with T-ball. We'll see how he feels after basketball. I am glad my kids are social and brave and willing to try new activities. I hated it as a kid. I remember going to Y daycamp in my hometown as a kid and I dreaded going and couldn't wait until it was over. I so glad our kids are socially more like Jake, willing to try new things and make new friends. Brock will approach anyone and just start talking and sometimes even invite perfect strangers over for dinner- yikes! (I guess there can be too much of a good thing!)