Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Brock!

Brock was due May 21, 2004. Since it was my first pregnancy, my friends assured me I would not carry for a full 40 weeks, and to be ready by week 38. So when week 38 came, I kept thinking, "OK, any day now!" So May 21 came...and went... and every day after that were the longest days of my life! But finally, our little guy came 5 days late. He was worth the wait. He was so cute from day one! When I was pregnant, Jake had told me he was a little nervous around babies, and to not think its weird if he didn't hold our baby much, but Jake was like a fish in water. He held him nonstop, it was so sweet. They were instantly best buds.
Here is Brock only minutes old, checking out his daddy, or as Brock called him as a toddler, "deedee".
First bath! Uh, needless to say, Brock was not thrilled, but I get such a kick out of this picture. Brock asks me to tell the story of his first bath all the time because he thinks its funny he threw such a fit. The nurse kept commenting on how strong he was, especially his lungs!

Some of you might recognize that blanket, that is "blankers" Brock's object of affection, which is still on his bed today.

Five years later, Brock is quite the comedian. I heard him chattering away one night in the tub, so I wanted to see what he was up to, and this is what I saw. I still have no idea why he put a wash cloth and rubber duckie on his head, but it was funny even without knowing.

The big day! Dad told Brock he had to wait to open gifts until he came home from work, but then he surprised us all by coming home at lunch time! It was a fun day! He even had his first T-ball game in the evening, and his Gramma and Grampa Mulnix were in town and got see him play. It was a great Birthday!

Two days later we had some friends over for a party. In all honesty, I was dreading all the stress and drama of a party, but it was very fun and went perfectly. All of his friends were sweet and polite and we had a great time. They played in our jump house for a bit, then we decorated hats, and headed back outside for some games. Here is the gang posing proudly with their hats.

Duck, duck, Goose is a popular one at our house, and it proved to be much more fun with a large group.
Then we played Red Rover followed by Octopus tag. Again, lots of fun. Then we had cup cakes, pink lemonade and Brock opened his gifts. I was surprised at how smoothly everything went. Even one of Brock's babysitters (whom he adores) came by to say hi. Brock was on cloud nine, just were a boy should be at his birthday party! Happy Birthday Brock!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When Storms Collide

I know you can't tell in a still shot, but those 2 large clouds were actually travelling toward each other. About a week ago we had two separate storms collide over Wichita and there was quite a storm to follow. It was pretty neat. The downtown area really got rocked, but we live about 10 minutes from Wichita, and more like 30 from the down town area, so we didn't get it as bad.
So a couple hours into the storm, I noticed an orange glow outside, and I wondered if something got hit by lighting and was on fire, but it was the sunset! It was so bizarre to see these dark thick clouds but then a beautiful sunset. Don't forget, the sun is always shining - above the clouds! (hmm...I should write for Hallmark.)

So, we have an ugly storm drain in our backyard, but surprisingly, its one of the kids' favorite spots. Here they are enjoying homemade orange juice popsicles. I found the exact same Tupperware molds I used as a kid at a garage sale for $1!!! I love garage sales.

Brock and Allie love to play "mud soup" by the drain after a good rain. I got a kick out of that because I remember making all sorts of concoctions out of mud, grass, moss, etc with my sister Patti. Only problem is that Jenna hears Brock and Allie saying"yum yum!" so she hurries over and actually tastes it. Eww.

Allie has decided to really enjoy a bath, you need to be almost completely immersed in the water. She says she is being a mermaid like Ariel. I love that infectious smile.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Animal Fun

Jake's company picnic at the zoo was a couple weekends ago, but I wanted to show a few neat animal photos. They had these huge colorful catfish in a stream, and you could toss them these fish food pellets, and I noticed a goose swimming over to partake of the fish food and I was thinking that the fish would attack the goose, and there was about to be some animal smack down at the zoo! Apparently the fish don't care, there was no smack down. Owell.

Huge fish, meddling goose.

I think Jenna would have loved to bring a goat home. Me? Not so much.

This is in the jungle building. They have birds and bats and all sorts of critters just running around (or flying). It is easily my least favorite zoo attraction. They keep it hot and humid in there (like a rain forest) and I am not thrilled with the fact that a bird or bat could poop in my hair or a beaver could nibble on my toes. But, the kids love it and I got this cute photo of Brock greeting a bird.

How many giraffes can you see?

I was so happy with this picture! The male and the 2 cubs were asleep and being boring, so we were kind of bummed and went on to the zebras. Then I decided I'd hurry back to get a picture of the 2 young lions sleeping, and just then, the female came out of the inside portion of their area and woke up her lazy family! I got a ton of pictures of them stretching and walking around, but I thought you might get bored with 8 pictures of lions, so I just picked the family photo.

Random picture. Jenna is little miss independent these days and would rather not eat than have you feed her. She has to do it herself. Her she is blowing on her fruit loops. No one likes a burnt tongue you know.

Jenna also likes to help me sweep. She is very good at sweeping the same 6 inches over and over again. Usually I hand her the broom and go put my feet up and watch Oprah while eating ice cream. Having kids is soo easy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What A Day!

I had a fabulous Mother's day, and I wanna brag... just a little. Jake and the kiddos got me some coconut bath bubbles which smelled like summer time at the beach! (You know a tropical sort of smell, not a salty fishy water and sweaty bodies smell...I don't think that smell is in demand.) Anyway, after lunch, they sent me away for a long soak, complete with chocolate and strawberries!
I didn't post a picture of me in the tub, I am sure you are grateful. But here are my bubbles and my treat!

After a bubbly soak, my day at the spa was not done. Allie picked out a new nail polish the day before (its called Strawberry Sublime, but I would call it Barbie Pink) and Allie painted my nails and my "feetie nails". I felt so pampered.

Here is my handsome chef, who didn't let me in the kitchen all day. It was great! Here he is grilling some super yummy ribs! He made his own marinade and it was fabulous!

A kitchen full of helpers aiming to please!

Here's the gang working on the potato salad. We had ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, rolls, apple sauce, and for dessert Jake make a chocolate layer dessert. It was all delicious! My favorite part, was when they gave me their card. Jake asked them what they like about me, and wrote down what the kids said. It touched my heart to read things like, "she makes yummy food" and "cleans my clothes." They also mentioned trips to the park, library, and going on bike rides. I was so happy that they know I do those things to show my love! It was a great pick me up. Jake also rented "Marley and Me" to watch Sunday afternoon since he knew I wanted to see it, despite his lack of interest. It was a very good show. Even Jake liked it, and I heard a sniffle or two. Thanks for a great day guys- I sure love you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kickin' It

So Brock's soccer season has come to a close and its amazing how much difference a year makes! Last spring as a 3 and half year old, he loved to run around, but didn't really seem to grab the concept of the game. This year however, he was using words like "defense" and "trap". I was very pleased with his coach this year. He gave Brock (and his teammates) a lot of one on one attention and instruction. What a fun season!

That's Brock coach in the blue shirt with the burgundy hoodie underneath. Brock is a blue jersey running back after a goal - yea!

A quick pep-talk from coach before the game starts. The pre-kindergarten group plays three on three, which still at times seems like too many! Once he starts first grade, they will play 4 on 4. We'll see if Brock is still interested by then.

One game was particularly cold. Here is Allie all bundled up.
Brock's number 1 fans!

Hurrying back for defense. At this level, there is not a designated goalie, but Brock loved to hurry back and get in front of the goal and yell "deeee-fense!" over and over. His dramatic effort would crack me up.

Another goal! I love how the red head on the other team has her leg way up in the air...what was she kicking?

Brock loves to show off his medals, one from last year (the Longhorns), and one from this year (the Wildcats.) Speaking of mascots, Brock's coach let the team brainstorm a name. Brock suggested they be the Spiders, which I thought was a cool team name. But when they voted, none of the kids knew what to do so when the coach raised his hand and said "raise your hand if you want WildCats", everyone raised their hands to copy him. I am pretty sure if he had said, "Raise your hands if you wanna be the Silly Sissy Sheep", they would have all eagerly raised their hands. O-well. (I love this picture of Brock...he looks so much like Jake to me. Sorry, I didn't fix the red eye.)