Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh NO! The big 3-0

We celebrated Jake's 30th birthday last weekend. We had a Superhero, Shootin' and Swimmin' Party. That was the kids idea...but I went with it. Jenna wore Alli's Super girl costume from last Halloween, and Allie was Wonder Woman (her choice for this Halloween, yes, I was shocked it was not a Disney Princess- but of course Jake was thrilled she picked a superhero) Brock has chosen to be Iron Man this Halloween, so everyone was all decked out in Super attire for the party.
One of his gifts was "Monopoly Here and Now". We played on Sunday afternoon, and it was a blast - you get to start with 15 million dollars! But of course everything is very expensive in this version. I managed to get all 4 airports (you know, like the railroads) which kept plenty of money in my bank, but Jake's life long strategy of mortgaging everything but one monopoly to put a bunch of hotels on his property, finally did me in. He won - like always, but I have not given up, I'll beat him someday! After presents, we went skeet shooting (I forgot my camera, but you should have seen the kids with their huge ear protectors on, so cute!) I only hit one skeet, but it was my first time...guess I have a lot of room to improve. Jake is a really good shooter. I bet he hit about 90%. Anyway, after that we went to the YMCA indoor water park. Always a popular activity with our family. What a fun party day!
I thought I'd use Jake's birthday post as an opportunity to share some things I LOVE about Jake. I love when he gets excited about "inventing" something that already exists. For example, here are a few sample conversations:

Jake: I have a great idea for a recipe.

Me: oh yeah? lets here it.

Jake: OK, so you make like a spicy meat mixture, and stuff it inside a green pepper, then cook the pepper.

Me: Jake, that's called a stuffed pepper, those have been around a long time.

Jake: Oh.

the next one took place during my pregnancy with Jenna. Jake called me from work with this great idea...

Jake: I just made up a really pretty girls name. I wanna know if you like it.

Nancy: OK, what is it?

Jake: Ashlynn

Nancy: Honey, that's Debbie's daughter's name, you didn't make it up.

Jake: Oh... well, I still think its pretty.

Jake is so lovable! I adore him!
Whoa - look at all that flame!
This past summer while we were in Hamer, ID - I planned a surprise party for Jake so his family and old buddies from school could celebrate with us. Jake wasn't very surprised, but he had a good time and I hope his family did too.

Pizza, balloons, cake, what can go wrong?!

I love that Jake can still make me laugh to the point that I am gasping for air. I love his smile and his vibrant blue eyes. I love that even though I am "heftier" than the day we got married, he can still scoop me up like I am tiny. I love that he is such a hard worker and good provider. I love that he is not too macho to play paper dolls with our girls. I love that he apologizes and tries hard to make me (and my mood swings) happy. I love that he plays with the kids often and reads to us from the scriptures every night before bed. I am looking forward to spending the next 30 years (and then some!) with Jake. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Carnival Fun

Our ward had carnival on Labor Day, and we had a really fun time. The had typical carnival activities, without having to spend a bunch of money (not to mention avoiding the "choice" carnival people with mohawks, exposed bellies, missing teeth and a zillion piercings.)

We started off with the football toss. Jake remembered why he was a lineman...not the quarterback.
Allie got a Boise State logo on her cheek, since this was the day after BYU somehow beat Oklahoma. Tons at the party were wearing their BYU gear, so we had to represent - Idaho style.
This was one of the cutest and most clever things I had ever seen. It was a stuffed animal petting zoo. Jenna spent a lot of time in there. I loved the little fence and fake sky. Great idea!

Jenna proved to be quite the bean bag tosser... we were so proud! Jake and I had a grudge match...and we were equally as terrible. Haha!

Here is Jenn dipping into the prize bag of taffy. I didn't mind, one taffy keeps her happy a long time!

Allie got some great prizes too. Somehow we ended up with 4 of those little monkeys, all in different colors. They are bendable and a fun item to keep in the diaper bag. They were a life saver at Stake Conference. Even the little boy sitting near to us enjoyed having a turn. I am so happy we have such fun and imaginative ward members, we have been to some great activities and parties!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catchin' up...

My blogging has been a bit sporadic, so I thought I'd do a smorgasbord post to kind of get caught up with all the "goings-on".

My mother and her sister (and my name sake) Nancy came to stay for a few days. Of course it was fun - and my kids loved the extra bodies around for extra board game fun! And of course Gramma aka Froofroo brought a new game, "Ants in the Pants!" She and Brock played it an awful lot and loved it! Well, at least Brock did, he is a very precise ant flicker.

Here is my Aunt Nancy aka Nana to my kids, with a sleepy Miss Jenna. I sure wish we lived a bit closer to family. I love getting together, and miss everyone when they are gone. (This applies to my Idaho family as well!)

Jenna saw me scrubbing scuffs one day, and grabbed her own Magic Eraser. Considering most of the smudges and finger prints were hers, I figured it was only fitting that she scrubbed as well. (I am hoping someone from Mr. Clean stumbles upon this and offers me an endorsement deal ;) We sure love our Magic Erasers!
We went to a high school football game a few Fridays back. It was fun, we only new one of the players, a kid from church, but when the band came on and they announced the drum majors, we learned that one was one of our kids' babysitters that lives across the street from us. Small world...or town rather.

Some friends from church came and sat by us. Their little boy is in Brock's primary class, and his older sister really likes Allie and Jenna, so it was nice to have them get to play together while we watched the game and gabbed with our friends. (In the photo is Rebecca, Allie, Thomas, and Brock)

Just a cute face I captured and wanted to share. I posted this particularly for my mother, I know I have baby pictures with a similar expression. Jenna is really the first one of my kids that I think looks like me. Allie seems to have my round face and her eyes are a sort of grayish green, (unlike Brock and Jenna who have Jake's deep blue eyes) but I feel like she is a more of a combo kid.
Allie was sweet enough to give Jenna a cupcake...2 minutes before we were suppose to be leaving the house. I don't even remember where we were going, but an outfit change took place before we left.

Seriously. On my front steps. The most mammoth spider I have ever seen. Jake asked why I didn't put something next to it for a comparison in the photo. Seriously? You want me to place my hand somewhere near that icky creature and risk it being torn off by its venomous fangs? I think not. I am typing with all 10 digits thanks to that wise decision.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mm is for Muffins!

Today was "Muffins with Mom"day in Brock's class. All the moms were invited to come and have a muffin (blueberry to be exact) and spend some time in the Kindergarten room. It was fun - Brock has a fabulous teacher and his classroom is so cute!

Waiting for our muffins!They have been focusing on the the letter "M" this week, hence all the "M" treats and activities. He made a book of "M" words he read to me while we waited for all the other mothers to arrive.
We got to work together on an M&M project where we estimated how many M&Ms were in our package, then count and graph the actual results. It was so neat to see him working so hard and loving to learn and succeed.
Then Brock showed me around the room after we completed our M&M graph, of course he showed me the computers first, then the writing center, painting center, kitchen center, and this picture is of the welcome center where they gather to discuss the calender, weather, and upcoming events. Jake told me ask if they have a "Ding Dongs with Dad" day scheduled. I forgot to ask. ;)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Small things...

Jake came home for lunch on Brock's first day of school so he could come along and see him off on the first day. After we dropped Brock off at school, Jake took us to Braum's for ice cream. It was a nice distraction for me, since I was quickly realizing that Brock growing up so fast!

I love that I caught Allie mid-lick.
Then Jake returned to work and the girls and I did what any women would do to kill some time...we went shopping! Woohoo! Dillions (our local grocery store, similar to a Fred Meyer for those of you in the west) has these cute little carts kids can push around the store. Brock and Allie love to each get their own, but lately I have them just get one and take turns pushing. I think Allie kind of liked having the cart all to herself while Brock was at school.

How much for the cuties in the mirror? I'll take both! Just some small things to help us get through that first day. Now its routine and we are enjoying the change, especially Brock! It seems like some days 12:05pm (bus pick-up time) can't come soon enough! Life moves pretty fast, enjoy the little things.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Today is the day...

Well, it's official. We no longer own our home in Nampa. We have been praying for this day to finally come, and we are so relieved, yet seeing this picture kind of tugs at my heart. We brought both baby girls home to this house, and we have a lot of happy memories there. I hope the next family will love it like we loved it, and have many happy memories within! So long old friend...

(I used to refer to this house as colonel Mustard. It really was a bizarre shade of yellow, but I learned to love being the weirdest colored house on the block!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not my baby!

I have felt a bit old as of late, since my baby seems all grown up!
Jenna loves to wear Allie's clothes. This particular day, she put on a old pair of hand-me-down jammies that Brock gave to Allie. It was funny to see Jenna have a turn in the Superman PJs.
Then after ditching the way too big pants, she opted to wear my shoes. Sooo cute! I loved wearing my moms heels too.

She also realized she can reach the pedal on our Gator Power Wheel. She drives all around, but does head for the road more often than I'd like. Crazy woman driver, as Jake would say.

Here is little video of Jenna sharing some of her words. What a dolly! I forgot to have her say banana though, kids always sound so cute saying banana. I have her say the nick name of each Grandparent, although while saying "Froofroo (my kids' name for my mother) she is climbing in my lap and it is muffled, but listen closely Ma...she says it! Oh, and when she looks distracted and I tell her it was the fridge, she heard ice in the ice maker drop...anyway - hope you have a great day!