Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Days...

We finally got enough snow to play in this winter. So even though we enjoyed playing in it, we had more time inside since snow makes bike riding and sand boxes rather difficult fun. So we seem to get to the library more often when its cold, and I discovered these great books published by Fisher Price. They are called All Star readers and Brock can read the whole book to me, with almost no help. The text is quite a bit more difficult than the old Dick and Jane books, and the story lines are less obnoxious than, "Oh, oh, Jane! Oh, Oh, Oh!"

His first alone read! I'm such a geek, I take a photo of everything!

He is pumped to go pick out a few more books on Monday. It was cute to see his confidence grow as he realized how much he could read!

We had some fun drifts in the back yard. This is Brock showing Jenna how to get her mitten back on.

Brock has a much longer tolerance for winter activities. The girls trudged in their boots for about as long as it took to bundle them up. But Brock stayed outside until his snow suit was soaked and his cheeks were rosy! He even helped me shovel the driveway while the girls just played in the car. Our friends down the road invited us over to go sledding in thier back yard, it was quite fun - I wish I would have remembered my camera. It was a gorgeous, sunny, snowy afternoon! They even polished up the bottoms of the sleds to really get the kids cruising. They had a blast. Thanks Rasmussens! The cocoa was great, too!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Today, after noticing that the girls room was a messy disaster - again, still....I'm not sure. I have them pick it up, I pick it up, I pay Brock to pick it up. The clean, clear floor only lasts a few moments. Allie is constantly changing clothes, play clothes, dress-ups, Church clothes, she wears each of them at least once a day. Plus, she will try on an outfit, and if she decides it just wont do, she will discard the perfectly clean clothes on the floor in heaps until I assume they are dirty and just toss them in the hamper. This is just a phase, right? Right!?

So in my exasperated mood this morning, I asked Allie,

"Why is your room always so messy? We cleaned it up so nice before bedtime."

"Uh...magic? Yeah, its magic. Naughty magic, get out of my room....go to Brock's room!"

Maybe it is magic. If only magic could clean it up - like Mary Poppins!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh, to be two...

So we had a fun two year old moment today. Jenna defiantly keeps us on our toes, but today's just seemed worth mentioning. It involves poop so I'll use discretion. Jenna removed a dirty diaper while I was loading the dishwasher, I heard her coming in the room exclaiming, "Eww hands! Eww hands!" So I rounded the corner of the kitchen to see her holding up her very dirty hands. Yuck. So I took her in the bathroom and after wiping off her hands, I helped her wash up(with antibacterial soap, no doubt) then I let the sink fill with warm soapy water and let her splash and play her way clean, while I searched the house for the offending diaper. After disposing and further disinfection of the removal site, I returned to the kids bathroom to find...
...this. Apparently washing just her hands was not acceptable. Oh, Jenna. Then after donning some clean and dry clothes, I took the smelly garbage sack out to the garage only to enter the house hearing "warm! warm!" And here she was...

...enjoying the fresh warm laundry! I figured at least for 2 seconds I would know where she was so I could finally finish loading the dishwasher. While working I heard "big chair, big chair!"

Apparently the dryer got boring. Such a monkey. It seems she is always climbing something. Oh, to be two... you can always find something to do.
I also wanted to share a funny story from the older two. We were at the grocery store and by the deli they usually have fabulous samples of meat, cheese, or in yesterdays case, little grilled cheese sandwiches! Score- since it was like 3pm and my kids were ready for a snack. Jenna turned her nose up, but wanted the tooth pick. Brock was not very interested since the sandwhiches were kind of cold by now, but Allie was so pleased to have a tiny sandwich. After a few minutes of munching, Allie exclaimed, "Mmmm! Yummy swammich!" So cute. I know I should correct her, but I think swammich is so funny! Her exclamation made both Brock and I laugh, so she repeated herself, hoping to keep us laughing, although she had no idea why we found it so amusing. Finally, after several repetitions of "swammich" Brock became annoyed and said quite boldly, "Allie! Its not swammich...its sammich!" By now I was bent over with laughter. I am sure we were quite the spectacle. Kids are amazing and so much fun, I am so grateful for my 3 sweet cuties!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jenna's 2nd Birthday

My baby is all grown up! Jenna is full of mischief, spunk, silliness, and tons of love! She is another tall string bean, just like her siblings, but with just a hint of curl on her quickly growing hair. We sure love our little Wuzzy! (another random nickname of our doing...)
Her Granny in Idaho gave her this adorable little outfit for her birthday. Since we were in Idaho, for Christmas and New Years, we celebrated Jenna's birthday. She was born on Dec 28th - right in the thick of holidays! Oh well, you can never have too many parties right?!

Thanks to all the practice on Christmas, Jenna knew just what to do with a stack of gifts.

Strawberry cupcakes! (can you tell they are in the #2 shape?) I had originally chosen chocolate for the cupcakes, but Daddy intervened and had "Jenna" choose strawberry - owell!

I got her a Whinney the Pooh candle, and Tigger candle to top her cupcake. She loved them! She played with them a bit more than even eating her cake!

Here's a little clip of Jenna blowing out her candles.

Jenna loves to snoop through every body's things, and she discovered she can put on Brock's cowboy boots with ease, then she tromps around saying "Brocky's boots! Brocky's boots, Wuzzy Brocky boots!" Life just wouldn't be complete without our little Jenna! Although some days she has me tearing at my hair, she always manages to melt my heart just as much - if not more! What a blessing she is! Happy Birthday Jenna!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shutter Bug

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I took a lot of photos, here a few I thought you'd enjoy!

These are the Christmas jammies I got the day after Thanksgiving for $3.oo - flannel Disney for the girls, and obviously....superman for Brock!

I think this is when Pam noticed Jake snuck a clock out of Pam's room to wrap and give away at the family White Elephant party............we gave it back.

Just what I always wanted! Perfect for Jake's Uncle Dave.

I posted this one with Holly in mind, she gave Brock a "Ben Ten" watch for Christmas. I often found him jumping on somthing and and yelling about aliens while wearing his watch.

Is Christmas over yet?

Austin had the girls entertained for quite some time in the toy room.

Composer in training.

Guitar Hero and some funny faces by Kyla and Shelley.
This fussball table was the center of attention during the the New Year's Eve problably hadn't been used that much in months!
And finally, here at the bottom, I posted a small video of Allie singing - with a glimps of Jenna crawling around and roaring like a lion. I just think Allie's lyrics are so funny, I had to tape it! Enjoy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays...

Well, I just downloaded the photos I took over the Christmas holiday, and there were over 240 pictures! So I will have to break them up into several posts, but I will try to limit it to only a few. Jake's sister Holly sent us a box of Christmas craft supplies, so we could make some cute homemade decorations since we were unable to make it to the family Christmas party.

Brock and I made some really long paper chains one day while the girls were asleep. I wrapped one around the dining room light fixture, and Brock put one in his room...

Then later with the girls, we made crape paper candy canes, they were really fun!
Allie got a little glue crazy, so I had to make some adjustments, but they turned out pretty cute.
Ta-da!!! Brock gave his finished candy cane to his Kindergarten teacher, and when I went to his classroom's Christmas party, there it was- hanging on the door of his classroom! I was thrilled and Brock was so proud. So a few days later we left for our trip to Idaho...

It was a comfy ride.
We gave the kids their books intended for Christmas a bit early, so they could enjoy them in the car. It really helped!
We stopped in Wyoming at Little America for a break and some lunch...we passed the time of waiting for the food with a straw fight....good times!
We finally made it ready for the holidays and hoping for plenty of chances to help feed all of Pop's horses.