Monday, March 29, 2010


I am not sure why, with Jenna being my third time raising a two year old, that I make so many assumptions. I dont know why I assume that putting on a cartoon will keep Jenna in one place while I shower.

I did make her clean in up, but she loves to clean - so I don't know that that was much of a punishment.

Also, I dont know why I assume that sending Jenna outside with a popsicle means she will sit still in one place while I wash the dishes. My poor hyacinth flowers didn't have a chance. (Notice whats in her hand)

Its hard to stay mad when a chocolatley faced little cutie hands you a fist full of flowers and says, "here mommy, flowers! so pretty! for you!"

They smell really good, a lot like lilacs. Owell.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A spot of humor

This post is especially for Jake's family. While I was making the DVD slide show for Larry and Jayne's 40th wedding anniversary, I was debating on whether or not I should leave in the part about the "neighbor interview" or take it out. So I decided I would show it to Jake, and if he thought it was funny, I would leave it in. This video clip is Jake's reaction, or at least the tail end of it. By the time I got my camera, he was winding down, but you get the point.

Jack in the Box

This is Jenna and her Jack in the Box, I decided to film her becuase everytime she plays with it, about half way through she'll chicken out and fold her arms...but then toughens up and finishes to the "Pop!" Its pretty cute.


Brock's second season of Basketball is over and he sure enjoyed it. He is a great shooter and defender, but his dribbling skills mimic his mother's, which is not so good - ha! He had a blast, made good friends, and got yet another medal. He was so proud.

Allie has just finished up another round of gymnastics. She was moved up to the 4 year old class called "Twinkie Fitness" and she did great. We took a break this month so we could do some swim lessons, but I think she'll be asking for more tumbling class soon.
Preparing to jump in the foam pit,

Ready, set....

...where did you go?

Push ups.
"Skin the cat"
Claps upside down.

Tight tuck.

Straight arm hold.

Uh...peeing on a hydrant?
Just a cute beam pose, I guess She loved the beam a lot, but nothing tops the enormous trampoline which was easily her favorite. What's not to like? Although its clear she wont be 5'4 and tiny like most gymnasts, we are willing to let her try anything her heart desires. For now tumbling is at the top of Allie's list. Jenna and I did a mommy and me tumbling class in January( 4 classes), but she was too distracted by the trampoline to really participate in the floor exercise and obstacle course, but we will try another one soon. She has been doing somer saults or "forward rolls" all over the house, so I guess she was listening a little bit. I'll try to take photos of her tumbling in our next class.