Thursday, April 22, 2010


So we recently took a trip to Orlando, Florida. One of my dearest friends was getting sealed in the Orlando Temple, so we decided to make a family vacation out of it. I have made a few new posts about our trip, so be sure to keep scrolling down to see each piece of the trip. We had a blast, I wish we could go again next week!

Disney's Magic Kingdom.

We were very surprised to wake up to clouds, because i had checked the weather all week, and it was suppose to be sunny and in the 80's. I wish I would have checked the night before, but I figured all was well. But we went, rain or not, and it was truly amazing. We LOVED it!

Almost there!
As you enter the gates, you see this Mickey rotating and "When You Wish Upon a Star" is playing - the instrumental version played before a Disney Movie gave me goosebumps!

Here we go!

We arrived just before the park opened, so we got to see the opening show, the characters arrive on a train. It was so neat! Its so nice to have a tall father who can hold you up for a better visual.

There's Mickey! Jenna was SO excited. She loves "Mouse".

Oh, there's Walt and Mickey!
Cinderella's castle at the end of Main Street Disney. I hear Aurora's (Sleeping Beauty) castle is in Disneyland.
I took this photo of Snow White while the girls and I rode "Snow White's Adventure."
All aboard Dumbo! Jake is in a red shirt with Jenna, and Brock and Allie are in front in their own Dumbo.

This ride was cute! The "hefalumps and woozles" part was hilarious.

Smee! On the Peter Pan Ride. One of our favorites.

You get in these little ships and fly above London and head off to Never Land. It was great!

Platypuses from "Small World"

The hula dancers were my favorite - so cute!

Ooo lala!
What a castle!

Getting read for the Monster's Inc comedy show, it was so funny!

Coolest ride - Buzz Lightyear! You ride in little space ships and shoot Zurg with your laser gun!

Get him!

Chatting with Ariel. What a dream for my girls!

All the princesses were gorgeous. A bit cheesey, but they were in character. The girls loved it! It was worth the 30 minute wait.
Belle was so sweet. She kept telling me how cute the girls were. Allie talked to Belle all about how the Beast was actually pretty nice and became a prince. It was cute.
So the brief on and off sprinkling finally became a down pour, but we kept going!
On to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!
Cool Pirate of the Caribbean stuff! That was an awesome ride!
Brock and Jake loved the cannon.

So tired. What a great day.

While waiting for the parade, we were all munching some yummy churros, and since Jenna was all wrapped up in her poncho, she didn't have a free hand to hold one, so she would just open her mouth when she was ready for another bite. She wouldn't say a word, just sit there with her mouth open. Too funny!

Best seat in the house for the night time parade!

All lit up. A magical ending to a magical day.
Of course we went on Space Mountain, which is now my favorite roller coaster, and Splash Mountain, what a drop at the end - yikes! We actually spent the $21.00 on the photo they take of you looking ridiculous. I'll have to scan it and post it. What a fabulous vacation - you should go to Orlando!

Down Town Disney

So the whole idea of a theme park is very great money making racket. Besides the actual them park with rides and such, there is a place called "Down Town Disney" which is just shops and restaurants. So of course, we went.

This awesome toy store had a Mr. Potato Head Bar, to custom make your own Potato Head! Great idea!

Working to make the perfect one!

Goofy has a candy store? Uh, yeah....we went in.

Jake was truly a kid in a candy store. He made me laugh so much with the things he bought. This wall of Jelly Beans pictured above made me think of my sister Patricia. She loves Jelly Beans. There were actually TWO walls of just Jelly Beans. Nice. Ooo-wee! Check that frosting on those cupcakes! And above those were some of the cutest carmel apples ever. Carmel apples - don't get me started on those. They were so good there! You could even get them sliced instead of on the stick - much easier way to share. Sooooo yummy!

We had 2 hours to kill in Down Town Disney while we waited for out RainForest Cafe reservation. The food is so so, but the atmosphere is pretty neat. If you have never been - you should go. Its pretty neat.

We had a great view of the gorillas.

Safari leader Brock!

There is a thunderstorm every thirty minutes inside the cafe, I filmed a tiny bit of one of the storms. It was pretty cool.

Donald Duck is my favorite, so I had the kids pose.

You gotta ride the merry-go-round. No brainer.
At one point we split up, and I was without my camera while Brock and I were in the Lego store. It had a wall similar to the Jelly beans, but it was all different colors, shapes,and sizes of Legos, so you can build your own custom pack. Brock picked out some great new pieces for his collection. He is quite the little engineer, he amazes me with his creations. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the huge Lego sculptures. There was a family of tourists, a huge sea monster, actually in the water, and a transformer. What a neat place!


Aboard the airplane! Flying with 3 kids sure makes the journey more "eventful" to say the least.

Our hotel had a fabulous pool that we visited everyday except the day we spent at Disney World. It had a slide, waterfalls, toddler area, playground, and of course a hot tub. We had a blast!
Jake is so funny....I love him! There was a private pool for the Villa we were staying in, which was nice to avoid the crowds, but there was a larger pool with extra features behind the main bulding so we ventured there a few times as well.
Hurry! The pool might not be there if we don't hurry!

Brock is such a fish. He would have swam all day if we would have let him.
Little Miss Cautious wore her tube, but he helped put me at ease so I could snap some pictures.
Dad took Jenna down which usually ended with "MORE!" from little Jenna.

Here is the kid area. There were some fun geysers outside of my camera shot, and behind those was the play ground for the chilly kids who want to warm up in the sun. It was on a sort of soft thick padding, so bare feet worked fine. We loved this hotel, other than the $14.99 a plate breakfast, it was fabulous!