Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Ties

Well we have had some great times with both sets of grandparents recently. Jake's parents came a few weekends ago which is always a good time. We went to Hutchinson, KS where they have a fabulous Aero Space Museum! It was a great time.

Checkin' out the moon walker with Pop.

They had actual jets hanging from the ceiling, my camera makes it look small, but it was huge!

The museum had an old shuttle pod used in the past that kids were welcome to climb in and push actual buttons. Brock was a little botherd that his sisters climbed in with him, but he adapted well. He kept yelling, "ignicktion" instead of ignition. Cute stuff.

Here is Allie trying out the air force ejection seat.

Real astronaut suits!

Here we all are in front of a chunk of the Berlin wall. Uh, I forget why it was in the space museum. We were in the political section, it made sense at the time.
Random photo of my new favorite spot.

My parents came up for Memorial Day weekend. Allie was their little shadow from day one.

We took little cousin Lily on a bike ride with us. She and Jenna are only 3 months a part and great little buddies.

Cute little baby Genevieve!

Lily was so cute about the water. The water was pretty cold, so she would go down the slide then take an immediate exit stage left to avoid landing in the water - you can see her leg darting off the side of the slide in this picture.

Uncle James! My brother was an instant hit (like usual) with my kids. One night after doing the dishes, I came out of the kitchen to find him drowning in toys Jenna kept bringing him. It was adorable. We went to the park the next day and Uncle James climbed up all over the playground equipment chasing my kids - it was so fun to watch. Usually I am the one sweating all over chasing the rats. I enjoyed the shade and watched the fun for a change. We sure love having family come over!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our dad and our dentist!

I love to catch Jake doing cute things with the kids. He really embraces the whole "princess" thing Allie is into, and one day I found him and Allie playing "ballroom". Little Allie has really shown and interest in dance lately, so she was THRILLED to have a real live Prince to dance with. Prince Daddy and Princess Allie.

Jake is very good with babies. Our new little niece Genevieve really seemed to like him. Jenna was really into the baby as well, and Jake was great at helping Jenna learn to touch and interact with babies.
Jake loves chess, but doesn't like to play with me too often, since I beat him so quickly. (or something like that...right, Jake?) But he taught Brock and they enjoy the time together.

First trip to the dentist! Allie chose strawberry fluoride, and a princess toothbrush. Shocker. Notice the cute sunglasses they get to wear.

Brock chose cookie dough fluoride (gag me!) and was excited to hear that after his X-ray, he does in fact have top permanent teeth. He has had the cute gap for about 5 months. They are just about there, the dentist assured us! In fact, just yesterday, one started to break through. Soon he'll have the uneven scraggle tooth look. Oh, to be 6.

Bumps, Bowling, and Birthdays.

The day before Brock's birthday, i got a call from the school saying he fell off of an office chair, and hit his head on the edge of a desk, and that I should come pick him up. I asked if she felt he needed stitches, and she said no, but that I should still come get him. I wondered why they wouldn't just stick a band aid on him and send him back to class, but I grabbed the girls and headed on the 1 min drive to his school. I walked into the nurses office and immediately knew he needed stitches. He was calm, eating a Popsicle (good thinking school nurse!) but nervous about my mentioning stitches. He was concerned it would be more like surgery that he had at age 3. I assured him it was super fast and easy, so off we went to see his pediatrician. His Dr. was excited to have something other than looking in ears for a moment, and stitched him up great!

Above his left eyebrow, you can see the stitches. I can't even make out a scar today, but even with one, its under his eyebrow. He lucked out! Now he is a lot less rowdy and bouncy in spinning office chairs. He was trying to scoot up closer to the computer while bouncing in the chair, and it tipped forward tossing his head into the desk. I went to the class room the next day to bring Brock's birthday treats, and I was swarmed by a bunch of kindergartners exclaiming they never thought they'd see Brock again, and they are so glad he is not blind. I am not sure what they thought happened, but they were sure traumatized! I was told initially there was a lot of blood flowing down to his eye. Must have been quite the sight for the little group!

But he made a fuill recovery in time for his birthday party! We took a group of his friends bowling. We used the black light alley's so there was music and everything seemed to glow. Perhaps thats why my photos were so bad. It would have been better to if I had my camera, but I left my purse at home in my haste to leave on time. But I got some blurry shots with my phone.
Go birthday boy! He got a strike and thought he was hot stuff !
Brock chose cupcakes, so it filled up pretty quick with 6 candles! I love those long squiggly candles - they melt really fast though because they are so skinny.
Good Morning birthday!

Can't believe he is 6! Six just seems like such a big number to me.
But we did have another cake when my dad was in town for Memorial Day weekend. His birthday is 3 days before Brock's. The "6" is for Brock, and the "65" is for my Dad. Happy Birthday Brock and Dad! Two of the best guys I know!