Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cabin Trip (Island Park, ID)

So not only did we get to have some fun in our old stompin' ground of Easter Idaho, we then trekked up north a bit with Jake's whole family to stay in a fabulous cabin that Jake's father Larry has access to from time to time. I am not sure why its called a cabin, should be called mansion in the mountains. I don't have a picture of the outside, but it is very lovely. Larry even borrowed a boat for added fun on the lake.

One of the mountain views....I know, gorgeous right?! Post card for sure!

I love my man in Mickey Mouse. Love this guy!!! Look at that vacation scruff - what a dream boat!
Another view.

This is the view from the upper level deck. Gorgeous! I wanna go back right now!

Yep, a moose and 2 babies. Ryan (Jake's brother in law) and Jake were enjoying dinner on the covered deck during a brief rain storm, and Ryan came busrting into the cabin to announce the moose sighting. We all scrambled for cameras and chance to see them. One of my favorite books as a kid was "Morris the Moose Goes to School" and I have loved moose ever since.
We visited a placed called Mack's cabin, which was the first cabin built in the Island Park area, and they have restored it and have some of the original furniture and stuff inside. You can go inside and look around. They have newspaper articles inside full of more info about the cabin.
It was so neat, I love historic sights.

Here is the outhouse for the original cabin. At least I think it is. I was not sure if the guys were joking about it being an outhouse or if perhaps it was more of storage shed. I was distracted because if you look closely, Brock fell shortly before this picture and scrapped his knees. We went into the original cabin in search of a band-aid (they had a first aid kit and were very helpful) so I spaced getting a photo of the original (Johnny Mack's) Island Park cabin, and checking the accuracy of outhouse claims. Phooey. Oh! There was this outrageous coat rack made out of goat legs and hooves. Ewww! That would have been a great addiction to a Christmas card photo! Owell, maybe next summer we can go back for more pictures.
I tried water skiing, what a work out! I was very sore the next day from all the muscle strain to hold the skiis straight with your ankles, keeping the rope tight with your shoulders, squatting with your quads, and trying to keep everything in line with your core. Great fun though - minus the first wipe out giving me a nose, mouth, and lungs full of water.
Aaaalllmost there....
Nope, not quite.
Woohoo! I made it! Very briefly though. :) Ryan was driving the boat with Pam running the rope and flag - and she was a great cheerleader. Jake was on the jet ski coaching me along the way, as well. Thank for the help gang!

I tried Jet skiing too. I was not a very good driver, so I didn't like it much. I felt like I was going to sink the thing. I suppose more practice would be good.

Allie LOVED boating!

The banana boat was a big hit, super fun! This boat load includes Carson, Allie, Austin, Brock, and Jayson.

So exhausted! Out kids slept great in our room of the cabin after playing hard all day.

I thought this was cute. Brock and Jenna are in almost the exact same position.
This years cabin trip was super fun, (as always) complete with skits, ancestor stories, trip to the play mill (photos to come) boating, jet skis, tubing, fabulous food, and overall fun times with family. Can't wait until next year!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Granny and Pop's house.

We spent some time in eastern Idaho at Jake's parents home. We had fun (of course!) and there was always something to do!

Allie "helped" Aunt Pam mow the lawn.

"Allie, what is that black stuff all over you?" "Um, I don't know?" We figured it was soot from the burn pile.
Allie and her new cousin Sonnet enjoyed playing "house" in Granny's toy room. Here they are all tucked in by Jenna, who was the mommy. Not sure who decided Jenna would be the mother, but it was cute to watch them play.

We went to one of cousin Austin's baseball games to watch him pitch. It was great weather, almost chilly!

After the game, we grabbed an ice cream cone from Reed's Dairy. Mmmm- chocolate!

We went to Idaho Falls one day to see Toy Story 3. Afterwards, I took my kids and Adam (2nd cousin to my kids) to a playground. It was a big one - we had a blast! Yeah for Idaho and its lack of 95 degree humid weather! We spent so much time outside, just like you should in the summer. It was fabulous.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Independence Day

July 4th is my favorite holiday. I love summer, cook outs, flags, fireworks, USA, all the aspects of our Independence day.
Allie and Kyla, great buddies, watching the fireworks together. Allie gets nervous during the loud ones, so Kyla was quick to pull Allie into her lap. Seeing these 2 together melts my heart!

Pyrotechnician Jake enjoyed giving his nephew Austin (who is now as tall as I am!) a behind the scene look at a firework show.

Here are the boys in the Hamer, ID parade. A Marine (Brock) an Air Force Pilot (Peyton), and 2 Army soldiers (Jayson and Adam) to remind us "Freedom is not free!" Their float won judges favorite! Holly made the pickup so festive with all the red, white, and blue tinsel and other sparkly things - I have no idea what to call them!

Pop with a 4 wheeler full of kids. Carson, Hailee (2nd cousin), and Allie.

We got up early to attend the Idaho Falls Freedom Celebration parade. It was really long! We had to leave early to get more fireworks before noon, but we saw some neat stuff!

This BMX group would stop periodically to do flips and stuff - so cool, but the guy after this kid in my photo, wiped out and hobbled into the pick up, we are pretty sure his knee snapped - it was quite gruesome.

Slug bug limo!

Proud to be an American!

Jake loves the sound of Bag pipes and I love men in skirts! (just kidding!)
Woah, baby! That's what I want for trips to the grocery store!

I love huge Clydesdale horses, and this one was so patriotic!

Brock requested a picture of the army tank- so neat up close!

Jenna loves Mickey Mouse, so this was her favorite part of the whole day!

Ready for more! Hope you all had a great fourth of July!

Headed West

The night before we headed to Idaho, our kids were so excited, dinner got a little silly. Allie and Brock took turns wearing our silly glasses with the nose and mustache, but Allie took it to the next level and wore them upside down.

So silly!
The morning of our trip, I discovered Allie packing up her Barbie suit case. While I had her distracted with breakfast, I took a peek at what she packed. SIX pairs of shoes, a baby doll, 2 shirts, 1 skirt, and care bear slippers. What a cutie.

Jake bought some fireworks to take on our journey, but he and Brock decided that they should try a few out before we left for Idaho. Jake let Brock light a couple off. Pyro Jr in the making.

Run for cover! Brock did a good job and kept begging for more.

Jenna and Allie watched from case there were loud ones.