Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Spider-Man

Brock has a rock climbing class once a week at the YMCA. He had been asking about one for a while, and since we are only doing one session of Bball in the winter, I figured this fall was a good time to sign up for a class. He loves it and got a lot higher than I ever imagined for a beginner. I am not hugely afraid of heights, yet i never really go anywhere high, so perhaps I am a big chicken and I am just in denial...but Brock seems to have no fear in that department - see for yourself...

More than half way!

This is a video clip of him making some good progress, then slipping off!

But he made it!

This video puts the actual size of the rock in perspective. Brock makes it about that high each time its his turn, but hasn't quite made it past that ledge to the cave. Maybe by his last class. I am just glad he enjoys it. The day I told him I signed him up fro rock climbing class, he about tackled me with a big bear hug and repeated Thank you! over and over. Well, I aim to please. The girls are currently in another round of tumbling classes. I hope I remember to bring my camera to a class or two this month. Allie is one move away from completing her "green book", which is the beginners class. Jenna and I do the mommy and me class with the other 2 year olds. At first she was afraid of the huge foam pit at the end of the trampoline, but now she begs me to throw her in! And I do.

The morning after the Trunk or Treat party, we woke up to this mess, and this story from our little miss Jenna.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had lots of Halloween activities this year. I don't have the patience to post a ton of pictures for each event, so you'll have to settle for just a couple from each.

I planned some Halloween activities to play with the kids to help pass the time until time to go Tick or Treating. I printed off some Halloween BINGO cards and we used marshmallows as the markers. It was fun, we played 3 games because we were having such a blast.

I was surprised that Jenna didn't just eat all her marshmallows...she really enjoyed the game, and was even the first winner.

Here are the girls all set for trick or treating! Brock was having some costume malfunctions and needed a couple more minutes.

Our first stop!

Some of the houses in the neighborhood were quite spooky - we loved it!

This house, the "Dracula house" as we call it, gives out full size Snickers each year. We never miss this house. :)

Really cruising now!

At church, I teach the 7 year old primary class. I invited them over for a Halloween party. Tons of fun! This photo is of "pin the face on the Jack-o-lantern" game.

Decorating cup cakes.

Trying to pop orange and black balloons with no hands- So funny!

Waiting for the Trunk or Treat at church to begin.

This is my friend Diane and her family. They usually have clever coordinating costumes, this year was no different! I love Pac Man! Last year (I think it was last year, maybe 2) their three girls (this was before the baby girl was born) were little pigs, and their son was a wolf. Wish I was creative and dedicated enough to make the costumes ;)

I am a co-room mother this year for Brock's class. So me and one other mom were in charge of the Halloween party. Since it was in the morning, we had muffins, fruit, ham and cheese for a snack. We figured that was better than a cupcake at 9am.

We did toilet paper mummy wraps (they even got to wrap thier teacher), we had a candy corn relay, decorated a picture frame (we even took their photo and had them developed by the end of school) and each kid got a balloon with a few prizes inside they had to pop.

It was a good Halloween weekend. Hope your's was great too!