Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Royal Banquet

I helped with Brock's Valentine's Day party this year, and it was ridiculously adorable.

When I arrived, Brock's teacher had already decorated the classroom doorway like a castle, so clever! Then she took the kids to the cafeteria for a brief activity, so the other moms and I could set up.
This is what we accomplished, along with hiding the treasure for the treasure hunt all around the school.
Then the kids paired up and Brock's teacher announced each "Prince and Princess" as they entered. Aren't they sweet?!
What a feast! Ham, cheese, fruit, and crackers. Don't forget the pink 7up in plastic champagne glasses. At one point Brock raised his empty glass and said "More champagne, please!" I guess he over heard some one say champagne glass, because I don't recall ever mentioning it at home...but it made us all laugh. A dad joked that he hoped the superintendent wasn't walking in the hallway and thought we were getting the kindergartners tipsy.
Brock with 2 of his best buds! They both live just up the street! They were a team in the treasure hunt. They figured out the tricky clues very well - I was impressed. I am glad they knew their way around the school - I had no clue where the art room, nurses office, and music room were!
Time to check out the Valentines! His box was a cereal box I cut into the shape of a castle and covered with foil. Turned out pretty cute. (No I am not clever, an instructional paper was sent home requesting we send this type of box to school for the kids to decorate, but I am glad they did, we had fun making it.) I am so glad I can go be a part of these activities, and grateful for a good friend who watches my girls so I can participate! Hugs to all my Valentines!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Movie Star

Brock is in his second season of basketball and is still loving it. Last night at practice, I was up on the track, which is above the gyms at the YMCA, and I noticed the coach beckoning to me, so I came down to see if perhaps Brock needed me for something, but turns out, we played parents versus kids, and you were to guard your own son. It was really fun, especially since they play on much lower hoops so it was pretty easy for me to literally drop the ball in the hoop. Anyway, I posted a video clip of Brock from his most recent game. He on the white team, has a red arm band on, and well, he has the ball. You'll find him.

Tuesday night, Brock had a Winter song program. It was pretty adorable. Jake was out of town so I was trying to film, keep Jenna in her seat, and keep Allie from chatting too loudly with all the people around us about her shoes. So I apologize for the bounciness of the clip. He just cracked me up so much, he is such a mover and shaker, he was visibly the most active and wiggly kid in the whole show. They had actions such as "air guitar" and "air trumpet" for one song - and he was hilarious, but I took that with my camcorder and I am not sure how to get those movies to the computer, so you'll have to come visit if you wanna see him rockin' out hard core.

This last clip is especially funny, you have to watch him at the very end to see what I mean.