Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun Times

Here is a random update of some of our latest where-a-bouts.

Koch Industry's picnic at the zoo was early this year, which is nice, since one year it was really, really ridiculously hot. I had my monkeys pose with these monkeys. (Yes, Pheebs, I know gorillas aren't actually monkeys, but it makes for a better caption. ;)

They had some fun inflatable activities this year. The tiger slide was most popular with our kids.

"So big, Mama!" Jenna was very impressed by the elephants.

Loose monkey alert! They gave those hats to all the kids as a free gift.

One day I discovered that Jenna managed to squeeze into a size 18months butterfly costume. She made a cute butterfly.

Brock has become quite the swimmer. He and Allie are about to finish up their third round of swim class here in Kansas. They sure like it. Allie's newest teacher is young, blond, and quite tan, Allie told me on they way home that her teacher reminds her of Barbie. Funny, she has never mentioned that about me. ;)

One day I was puzzled when Allie was not in her usually playing areas - her doll house, bedroom, or back yard. So I increased my search efforts, and finally found her asleep in the castle in the guest room. Phew!

Last weekend we headed down to the OKC area to visit my sister and her 2 girls. This is Genevieve (Ginny) 2 months old. I LOVE huge hats on babies - so cute! She is a snuggly sweetie pie.

My sister has a cool storm shelter -aka -hole in her garage floor. Of course Brock wanted to go in it - what 5 year old boy wouldn't?

What exactly was in your sippy cup, Jenna? I thought she looked like she passed out in her cup - too cute to miss out on a photo. Just tired after a long day of playing with her cousins.