Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little girl time.

With Brock at school, the girls and I have been trying to be as girlie as possible! OK, well its mostly the girls' idea, but I have fun, too.

One night when Jake was away, Jenna came in our room about 5am, so I just tossed her in bed with me. When I woke up later, she was laying sideways and taking every advantage of a king size bed. Move over, Jenna!

Last week on the way to church, I turned around to answer a question of Allie's, and I noticed her Hello Kitty doll had a seat belt cute! (Look at Allie's long hair! I miss it!)

Saw this at Wal-Mart and I had to get a photo. Seriously, Barbie? No one really thinks you are a rocket scientist.

I was surprised that even though Brock was gone, the girls wanted to play super heroes. Of course they had to dress the part.

Well, with no boy, naturally we had to have a tea party. I filled the little pink tea pot with some V8 punch and let them pour away! Plus we had some "crumpets" (golden grahams, which Jenna calls "grammy grahams") and "bisciuts" (pretzels) we felt so fancy! Come over for tea sometime!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to school.

Although its still pretty hot, school has begun. I love the randomness of summer, but I think my kids are craving a bit more structure, so I am glad school has started.

Here is my boy, all grown up and mature. ;)

Another T-ball season has come to a close. It was too hot this summer to really enjoy the game. I would bring a huge jug of ice water...not to drink, but for the girls to play in like a wading pool. Brock would come dunk his head every now and then as well. I was seen splashing a bit too. When its 97 degrees and humid, you do what ya gotta do to keep sane!

Again, with the thumbs up. Happy to have another medal to add to his collection.

Brock has become quite the reader this summer. We read a few novels together (Charlie and Chocolate Factory, The Twits, The Witches... I know there are more, but I am drawing a blank) but he gets level one readers from the library and reads them to the girls. Its cute.

Here he is reading a Richard Scary busy town book to his baby neice Genevieve.

All set for the first day! Again...with the thumbs.

Waiting for the bus...
Right on time!
Turns out this year she (the bus driver) comes from the opposite direction, so the bus stop is the bottom of our drive way, pretty convenient! Jenna, pictured still in jammies, loves to wave bye to brother and wave to the bus driver who knows my girls by name since they liked to greet Brock last year upon returning home. Allie was asleep so she didn't get to see him off on his first day.

I took this photo at "meet the teacher" night, getting settled at his desk.

Lunch Time!
I got an email the night before the first day of school asking for a few moms to come help in the cafeteria the first day. So I got to sneek a picture or two with my phone of his first lunch at school. He took a lunch the first day, but today he wanted to purchase a "rib sandwich, veggie medley, and frozen cherry treat" Hmmm. That meal cost me $2.00. It was $1.10 when I was a kid. And get this, I saw several kids just sit and stare during lunch. Didn't eat a thing -nothing! Later I was helping kids dump out and return their trays, and I was shocked by the amount of uneaten food. Like 6 little first graders didn't even taste the food! It was untouched. Its a crying shame that kids (a) don't eat AT ALL and (b) are wasting so much food! That doesn't apply to Brock, I have to convince him its time to stop eating.

So there ya have it. He is in first grade and loving it. If he is happy, I am happy. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Business in the Front....Party in the Back.

Well there ya have it. Allie decided to cut her own hair. About two weeks ago, she got a cute little hair cut, with layers in the back. She had much more volume and since it was shorter, there was way less complaining during brushing and drying. I was finally happy with her hair. While doing the dishes Allie went into the bathroom. So I figured....she had to go. Then she exited the bathroom. Went back in bathroom. Exited. Re-entered. So I ask, "Honey, what are you doing?" I got the famous pause, followed by, "Nothing, Mom" Mmhmm. Nothing. I approached her and couldn't figure out why her cheeks looked so prominent. was gone. The hair that was layered so cute, which framed her face was gone clear back to her ears. See for yourself.

Nice. So (taking the advice of my sister-in-law, Holly) I told her to get her shoes on so we could go get her a nice short boy hair cut since she wants to have it so short. Until I mentioned that, she was stubbornly insisting that she liked the way she cut it. Not wanting to look like a boy, she decided she would retire her scissors and give an apology.

So I washed it and trimmed it myself. Too short for my liking, but at least it is more symmetrical.

The back is longer than the front, but not as dramatic as a mullet. I have seen a lot of little girls with this style, so its not like she is in a freak show, but its not a "do" i would have chosen. But it could have been a lot worse. It was fixable and hair grows. So does my patience...but at a very slow rate.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Well I just realized I never posted photos of the kids having a tea party with Belle! (although there was no tea involved.) Before we watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the PlayMill, kids got to meet Belle and have a treat. (well, kids whose grandma purchased them a tea party ticket- thanks Granny!)

Here is the gang on the cute little chairs.

Belle taught the "princes" how to bow, and the "princesses" how to curtsy.

Each child got to choose a crown. Notice someone is missing from this photo.

Little miss Jenna needed some coaxing to go anywhere near the stage, but eventually she decided a purple crown would be nice.

and perhaps even a hug.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer time fun.

Welcome home Monga the Monkey! Monga is Jenna's pride and joy. He was left behind at Granny's house after getting lost under the bed. We are so happy Granny mailed him home!

Here he is! Jenna says, "say Cheese Monga!"

Giving Monga a huge hug before we head off to the pool.

One night while riding his bike (we have to ride bikes at night because it is waaaaay to hot in the day time) Brock saw a little toad hopping around. Luckily my animal loving sister, Patti, was in town visiting with her kids, so she scooped up the toad into a bucket, and before returning to our yard, another toad showed up, so we ended up with two icky, I mean, cute toads. I am not a toad/frog fan. I find them creepy.

Brock and cousin Lily loved watching the toads for a while. Look at Lily's spiral curls - her hair does that naturally, she is such a cutie!

So Jake told me a few Saturdays ago that he bought some corn on the cob we could cut up and freeze to use in the fall and winter. I am not much a canner/freezer, but I figured no big deal. Then Jake unloaded the EIGHT DOZEN ears of corn. Yup, thats 96. It took a while. But Jake isn't the type to just bark out orders then hit the couch, he got busy husking, cleaning, and cutting the corn. I did the boiling and bagging (well I husked too, we all did). Fun times!
What a good lookin' team! (Brock is in that "I have to have a thumbs up in all my photos" stage. Does anybody else have kids that do that?)

My hope is that someday everyone gets to spend time with a two year old. Although often loud and messy, age 2 is one of my favorite ages. 2 year olds are so funny and sweet, and always manage to surprise you! Jenna has recently loved singing her ABCs, and can count to ten. Of course, I can never manage to video record her on her "A" game, but I got a few clips to give you an idea. She would only count to three, but thats ok. When she sings the alphabet, instead of LMNOP she says "L M N O B-O!" but of course she didn't for my film, she just skipped it completely. Anyway, just wanted to share a bit of toddler cuteness. Hope everyone is enjoying the fleeting summer!