Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Piano Man

Can you name that tune? (Hint: its NOT Mary had a Little Lamb)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just in case you wondered...

This is what happens when a 2 year old decides a singing Sleeping Beauty doll needs a bath.

Surprisingly, she dried out and sounds fine now.

Fun with Family

My parents came to our place for Labor day weekend. They brought my Aunt Nancy with them, what a fun surprise! Then a couple days later, my sister Patti came with her family, and my brother arrived later that evening. We had such fun!

My mother is a great story teller (she can make up the best adventures!) and book reader. She has been having some issues with back spasms, but nothing would keep her from reading stories when there are small kids around. She would usually begin a book brought to her by one child, then within a few moments, all other activities were abandoned in order to hear the story as well!

With Uncle James around, there is always some fun to be had! We drug out the jump house and got to jumpin'! You can see James under attack in this photo.

Cooling off after a rousing game of freeze tag.
James is super fast, so we all had to work really hard! We discussed how bizarre it is that we both prefer to run bare foot. Makes us feel faster.

Giving the 4 wheeler a try. Brock is funny, he kept saying things like, "this is how you steer", "this makes you go", "if you wanna stop, take your foot off the pedal." Funny how kids get excited to give an adult instructions, even though its not necessary.

We got some great wind one day while my parents and Aunt were here, so of course I grabbed our fabulous kite. Jake bought it when we were newly weds, and I never opened it until last summer. We love it! It was strangely chilly that day, you can see my mom and aunt all covered up with a blanket on my porch swing. I guess I did a poor job taking pictures of my aunt and father. Guess you'll have to take my word for it that they came! We got Papa Johns Pizza one night, since its my parents favorite pizza joint and the one in their home town closed down. Guess there's at least one thing keeping my father coming back - haha!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Carnage

Often on Sunday afternoons, Jake will organize some sort of house wide toy session. We usually choose superheros, but last week we set up a huge war zone. See for yourself...

It was Brock and I versus the girls and Jake. There was a foam block wall seperating the opposing sides. Its funny how we spend like 30 minutes setting up, and the actual battle only lasts about 5 minutes!

Loading up the tank!

Iron Man's missels on the attack! Even though, these two were on the same team. We decided that Jenna is really her own side. She was attacking everyone!

Look closely...can you see who is driving the tank? (Hint: she lives under the sea...at least until she was turned human to marry a prince.)

Watch out for the land mines!
All that carnage can be exhausting! When I came upstairs to make dinner, I found Jake all tucked in...his little girls are such little mommies, always looking to make someone snuggly and comfortable.

Now that is has cooled off, the girls and I like to get some exercise outside rather than inside the gym. So I had them grab a sun hat and they decided they also needed strollers, and we headed to the track.
Down the hill!

They walked with thier dolls a bit and rode thier bikes. I also brought them some snacks to keep them busy between laps.

Notice Allie's Spider-Man training wheel....Jake backed over one of Allie's white wheels, so he took a wheel off of Brock's old Spider-Man bike. Hooray for being resourceful!

Jake bought the girls huge lollipops...they look ridiculous, but the girls were so happy.

Summer is about over, we sure had fun together.

Always ready to pose! Hope you all had a fabulous summer. Happy Autumn!