Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Drummer Boy

Brock's Piano recital was last week. Of course I think he did great, but I'll let you decide.

Its begining to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

I have so many pictures from this time of year, but my computer is getting old and crotchety and is running really slow. So I am trying to only post a select few...which is still kind of a lot.

Christmas tree at City Hall.

2nd Grade Christmas program. (Where's Waldo?)

Jake and I went to see "Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows" and right before the previews began a few ladies from a college singing group sang some carols, they were very good! Great harmony.


 Sugar cookies! I think I finally perfected my recipe and technique. They were yummy and adorable!

Even my frosting was decent. I don't like frosting because of its sheer sweetness, so I add just a touch of lemon extract. Scrumptious!

Jenna wanted to use each color of frosting on her cookie.

                                                    Here are some of the finished product!

Hey! Quit eating and get decorating!

Oh? You didn't know that Santa's house is in Wichita? 

During Andover's "Hometown Christmas" Mrs. Clause was at the library! So of course we chatted with her and took a picture. Allie told Mrs. Clause she must make the yummiest Christmas cookies since Santa's tummy is so big. Mrs. Clause told her she was exactly right! ;)

Oops. The library was having cookie decorating that night. Brock wanted just a few red sprinkles and WHOOSH, the shaker lid fell off and out came the sprinkles. Having Brock around is like being in a Looney Tunes Cartoon.

Time for some crafts at Hometown Christmas!

Brock was thrilled to make a Christmas book.

Look what we made!

           Jake's customers seem to prefer to send meat as a Christmas gifts. We got three different coolers delivered from Omaha steaks this year. So come over for some grillin'!

Christmas cards! I love sticker stamps and the envelopes with the peel and stick opening. I love my friends and family, but not enough to lick 75 envelops!

Look at that sweet face! I was shocked Jenna climbed up on Santa's lap... so I hurried to document this moment! 
 Only 4 days until Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well November came and went in a hurry. What did you do last month? We...
killed time during Brock's basketball practice...

...showed Brock how to shoot a BB gun.

Then Pop to showed Brock the "RIGHT" way to do it...

Finally, Brock's turn!

We also spent some time eating Thanksgiving leftovers...

...decorated for Christmas...


...shopped with Aunt Holly!

We got to eat delicious pies thanks to Jake's sister, Holly! They were fabulous!

We celebrated cousin Carson's birthday!

Here's the birthday boy causin' trouble on the bumper boats - Happy Birthday, buddy!


The family that plays together, stays together! (and uses a lot of tokens)


We did a bit more decorating...


...had a 24lb Thanksgiving turkey!

...drank soda with cousins... (I call these two the twins since they are only a month a part)

...played some B-Ball...

...fought for rebounds...

...uh...MORE decorating...

...we watched people go NUTS-O for cheap waffle irons on Black Friday...

...we snuggled...

...and warmed our... ourselves by the fire. ;)
Hope your November was as fun as ours, and we hope you are enjoying the anticipation of the Christmas season and the New Year that is quickly approaching!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yeah, I am playing a bit of catch up. We had all three kids in soccer this year... what a busy - but fun time!

Brock got a lot better at controlling the ball this year, but boy the field is A LOT bigger at this age he and his teammates really got better at passing the ball.
Protecting that goal!
Allie is such a go-getter! She is aggressive and quick, I'm proud of my feisty little girl!
Jenna played this fall, broken arm and all!
Fighting the crowd!
Little Jenna adored her coach which is the guy in the yellow jersey and wacky red hair. (Jenna is in the light blue shorts and her shoes have pink on the bottom.)
Practicing goal kicks!
Time to stretch...
Jenna insisted it's ok to play soccer in a skirt.
Allie's coach had the end of season award banquet at Pizza Hut. Allie really liked her coach and was thrilled to hear they were having a pizza party!
She was so happy!

Brock's coach bought the boys burgers and ice cream after their final practice. I think Braum's is still recovering! Brock was recognized as having the most "take downs" this year. He tended to "accidentally" tackle the kid with the ball. He is a lineman at heart.
Well, soccer season is over, now we are in the thick of BASKETBALL.