Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Night

I enjoyed watching the Oscars the other night (especially with DVR so I can watch the whole thing minus boring categories and speeches), so in lieu of all the movie hub bub, I wanted to post a few videos of the kids. The first two are of Brock and Allie eating a "War Head" for the first time. If you are not into candy very much, war heads are SUPER sour and more exciting to eat than actually yummy. Take a look.

Allie's turn...

I did not give Jenna a war head, I thought it would be cruel. One evening while I was sorting through some piles of clutter collecting in the guest room, I noticed Allie and Brock playing in the toy room, but no sign of Jenna. I ventured back upstairs, fully expecting to find her up on the kitchen counter rummaging through the cupboards. I was very surprised to find her doing something else...

Barely three years old and slapping together a 40 piece puzzle. Her great Grandma Corinne Pales (my mom's mom) would be so proud!

My last video clip is dedicated to Uncle James, (my one and only brother) He and my sisters may be the only ones who get it...enjoy.

and the Oscar goes to...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bowling for Bonzos

I am not really sure what "bowling for Bonzos" actually means...but Jake says it a lot so naturally, now I do as well. Jake went out of town last weekend, so Friday night before he left for the airport, we all went bowling. It was a blast! We went on the "cosmo lanes" with black lights and music.

The lanes we went to had little metal ramps that kids who have trouble hefting a heavy bowling ball. Here Jake is helping Allie line up her ramp.

Jake going for another strike!

I want this one Daddy!

We ordered a pizza and the timer/buzzer thing was shaped like a slice of pizza! Cute idea.

Real pizza and a soda the same size as Jenna!

Brock went to a book fair last month and he chose a 3D dinosaur book, a new family favorite. The pictures are quite gruesome, which Brock loves.
Jenna calls them "scary glasses."
We had 4 snow days this year, and so we had a lot of fun outside but some days the wind chill was so cold we stayed inside. I would often find Brock reading to one or both of his sisters. They especially love the ones he brings home from his school library. Lately he has been picking books he thinks the girls will enjoy. Warms my heart to see them all snuggled up reading together.