Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music Maestro

Here are 2 of Brock's new favorite piano songs. He loves now having pieces with parts for both hands. He is almost done with the first book, and his teacher says kids don't usually get through the first book so quickly, so she isn't sure if she will start him on the next book already, or wait until lessons resume in the fall (she doesn't teach over the summer.) I guess we'll wait and see.

This is my new favorite of his songs, called Willie and Tille. A cute little song about an old couple and what they like to do to pass the time.

This is the Indian Song. It has really funny lyrics. One night when the missionaries were over for dinner, (one was a really good piano player and he asked Brock to play him a few songs. He was singing along and we realized there is a line "I watch the big chief smoke his peace pipe" we were all stunned then cracked up laughing. Some kid book, huh?

Thanks for listening! He has another recital in the May, so I'll post that as well.

Spring Break!

Spring break came and went in a flash, as all aspects of my life it seems...but I wanted to share some photos of our week. It was rather chilly and a bit rainy off and on, so I was thrilled when my friend invited us to go play at the swing set display store. All the park fun without the crummy weather! I had no idea this place existed so I was glad she called us. Thanks Kim! Tower of monkeys. Swingin' monkey! Slidin' monkey!
After some fabulous in-door park time, we slipped next door to see the baby chicks at the tractor supply store. I love their little "peep peep" noises. So cute!

Another cold day we went to the book store. We could easily kill HOURS there. Love it!

Allie's tracker beam took her straight to the princess books...

... Jenna too. I was drawn to "Frog and Toad" and "The Berenstain Bears" two of my favorites from my childhood.
One night we had pancakes for dinner. A definite favorite at our place! Our Saturday mornings are busy with YMCA sports, and our church used to begin at 9am, so there wasn't much time for a formal breakfast. Our ward recently split so instead of 9am start time, we now meet at...8am! Ah! My kids will be lucky if I give them cereal. : )

Allie is defiantly my little shadow, wanting to help and try to do everything herself! She does very well.

Brock has really been into chapter books. The "Captain Underpants" series was a new favorite, although he is growing weary of them. Obviously by the title, you might imagine they are very silly and ridiculous. Brock prefers a more believable adventure over lots of booger jokes, time travel, and brain swapping. Any suggestions?

When there was a window of nice weather, we were outside in a flash.

" Bed, Bath, and Beyond" is a rough store for kids because they pack so much in the place, and a lot of it is not kid friendly, but they found a way to pass the time while I shopped.

One evening Jake assembled and installed ceiling fans in the kids' rooms. Isn't he handy? The girls fan is so ridiculously cute I had to get some pictures. Can you believe Jake picked it out? He just came home one night with 2 fans and said, "I am going to put fans in the kids rooms." Well ok then.
Everyone needs to help!

Cute, huh?
Brock was invited to a different friend's house almost each day of spring break, except for one day when he had a friend at our I told the girls we would have some of thier friends over for a picnic. And we did. It was super windy that day, and during lunch, a random grocery sack came flying in our yard and kept right on going over the fence. So we decided we would fly our own bags - it was hilarious fun chasing plastic bags in the yard. You should try it.

Of course there was some serious Lego action going on last week with Brock having more spare time. How about a Star Wars restaurant? I mean come on, Storm Troopers need to eat, too. Allie was more than happy to donate some doll house furniture to the cause.

Building the burger joint. Jedi's love a greasy spoon burger and shake. Who doesn't?

Hope those Jedi's leave a tip. How was your spring break?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Fun

Jake had a business trip to Chicago last week and he brought home a crystal making kit for the kids. Our jade crystals are growing as we speak! (or as I type, I suppose)

Any crystals yet?

Can I stir?

My brother James came for a visit last week - we loved every minute of it! I hope he did too. He was such a good sport to play all sorts of girly games with Allie and Jenna. His commentary was hilarious, I loved listening to the conversations between his princess, and the girls' princesses.

I drove James down to Oklahoma so we could see our sister Patti. This is her cute little Genevieve gnawing on a chicken leg. So cute!

Who doesn't love a picnic?

All the kids love going on "adventures" in Patti's backyard.
We went to the zoo on Thursday. Here is the gang checking out the lions...well, I guess Jenna was checking out James' hat.
The tiger exhibit is one of the newest parts of the Sedgewich County Zoo.
Watching the penguins swim.
I usually don't take pictures of just the animals...but this baby chimp was sooo cute!

And this Gorilla was just chillin'...waiting for a photo.

Of course we took James to one of our favorite parks...

Come back soon Uncle James! We miss you already!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I have quite a few photos I wanted to post, so I thought I should use up some of my older pictures first. Remember the video I posted of Jenna doing a puzzle? Well she has pretty much been obsessed with them ever since...

See. Even her stuffed puppy looks exhausted from all the puzzles.

Brock's school had a carnival, so of course that was a big hit. There were games, prizes, jump houses, karaoke, cake walk, soda walk, basket auctions, a book fair, face paintings, food, and free tongue piercings. I threw that last one in to see if you were paying attention.
If you look closely, you can see all three of my kids on the wall. Brock has a brown T-shirt, Allie in a pink top, white flowered skirt, and Jenna has a greenish blue top...but she blends into the wall, look for her hair.
Allie had a butterfly painted on her face, I was shocked that she asked for a blue one, not pink...but I am glad she is branching out.

Duck pond - everyone's a winner!

Two of our favorite people, cousins Carson and Jayson came to visit us for a few days. There was a lot of fun going on over here!

We had a huge Super Hero battle...

Here is some of the after carnage.

Carson with Cyborg Super Man, the utimate destroyer.

And friend and I were in charge of the Valentine's Party for Brock's class, so since I was hurrying from task to task, I didn't think to take too many pictures, but I did manage to snap this one with my phone. Brock was working on the Valentine pig craft, they turned out super cute! We also played BINGO (using heart candies as the markers) and decorated a sugar cookie. Of course a few more snacks like cheese, ham and crackers - and VIOLA! A fun party.