Friday, May 20, 2011

A bit of piano...

Brock had his Spring piano recital on Sunday, and he did very well. His teacher gave him a more challenging piece than he had for Christmas. It is called "Sonatina". He was so excited to perform at Christmas, since he had his piece mastered and memorized, but since this piece was more complicated and much longer he was kind of nervous. After some comforting and assurance that everyone makes mistakes and it is OK if he messes up a few notes, he felt better and went up with a smile. But of course, I fumbled around a bit and didn't get recording until about 5 seconds into his song. Sorry - someday I'll get it right!

Brock signed himself up for his school's talent show, he filled out the form at school, so it was completely his idea. I am so happy that he likes to perform! I was so debilitatingly shy as a child, I NEVER would have considered it. Anyway, his paper was cute, under "other members of group" Brock wrote "myself". Anyway, he chose one of his favorite peices from his lesson book, called "Indian Song". (i think i posted him playing that song at home on my blog already)He had to audition...but I doubt they told any of the kids they couldn't perform. Perhaps it was to weed out any jokers or inappropriate performances. He was a little shakey at first but then got his groove and even looks at me and smiles while playing. His little classmates were so sweet and told him he was the best of the whole show. The talent show was so fun, there were a lot of Taylor Swift songs sung, a boy who did tricks on a bogo sticks, yo-yo-ers, Irish dancers, Tae Kwan Do-ers and a 5th grader totally rocked out "Sweet Home Alabama" on his electric guitar...he was so good! So of course, that is Brock next idea for music.

(Mr. Kaus is the elementary music teacher sitting behind the piano.)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Zoo Picnic!

The Koch Ind. company picnic at the Sedgewick County Zoo was a few weeks ago and we had a blast, as always. But first a couple photos from Mother's day.

My kids B-line it to their room each Sunday after church to change, but at least I was still able to catch Jenna before she changed. Jake got me a corsage to wear on Mother's day. I felt pretty important!

Here's the gang toiling in the kitchen while I sat around and did nothing! Steak, pepper, and onion shish-kabobs, grilled spuds, corn on the cob, salad, biscuits, and a new punch Jake made up. He is so funny in the kitchen! He just starts throwing stuff together. After dinner, he cut an apple in half, removed the core...then sprinkled it with cinnamon and brown sugar wrapped it in foil then tossed it on the grill. 20 minutes later he put a scoop of ice cream on it and I was in dessert heaven! He is a culinary genius. Anyway....on to the zoo!

After seeing a few animals and our BBQ picnic dinner compliments of Koch, we ventured over to the bounce house area. Here is Allie and Jenna waiting for the obstacle course. Brock was busy playing games, he is getting to old for the "little kid stuff." (sorry for the black, sometimes my shutter sticks)

Finally - our turn!

Woah! This is high up!

Woohoo -We made it!

Time to head up to the top of the slide...

... watch us go down!

This bounce house was called "Jurassic Adventure" and had volcanoes, trees, and dinosaurs in it, pretty cool stuff! Brock decided this one was ok to climb in.

I thought this one was sort of weird. An elephant head? But the girls liked it...

...inside there were balloons to toss around.

By far, this bunjee bounce was the hit of the evening. Brock didn't get the hang of it as quickly as Allie, but he is hoping for a longer turn next year. The guy running his bunjee was not helpful at all and by the time Brock was getting some decent jumps, the guy brought him back down. The line was ridiculosly long, or else I would have tried - it looked super fun!

Now that we have a zoo membership, I dont really take a ton of pictures of the animals anymore since we go quite a bit, but here are a few I did take.

The "big cats" have been my favorite since I was a kid.

Aww! These 2 guys made me think of Simba and Mufasa.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

This and That

(Blogger is being weird, I cannot see my photos until its posted, so I will just have to explain each one ahead of time.)

We went to Leatherby's a few weekends ago, and I thought the big huge ice cream sundae on the wall was fabulous, perfect for a photo op!

While waiting for our food, Jenna accidentally a knocked glass of water on the floor. They sopped up the spill then left a HUGE orange cone. We thought it was so funny! "Um, excuse me, don't you have a LARGER cone? I'd hate for someone to not see this one and slip on the water."

We visited Jake's grandma Niederer recently, and she has a cute little green bird! Uh...parakeet perhaps. I don't remember. But of course when the opportunity came to have the bird rest on their finger, Brock and Allie were game to try.

Jake's Dad turned 60 in April. His kids threw him a surprise Chinese birthday party. Good times. Yummy times. Hilarious times.

Monday, May 2, 2011