Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin patch !

We went to our favorite pumpkin patch on Saturday and 0f course we had a blast! It was warm and sunny and fabulous, so take a look at our fun...

Brock shooting the gourd gun !

In search of the perfect pumpkin.

Plenty to choose from!

Allie sees one!

Jenna found a keeper.

Pumpkin bails!

Of course the inflated jump....thing is a hit. I don't really know what to call it. Its like a huge tarp with air being blown underneath. Either way if it involves bouncing, my kids are all about it.

Let's jump!

I love this action shot if Brock.

Allie preferred a less populated area to really get jumpin'!

Jenna got a bit overwhelmed and couldn't stay up on her feet with all the turbulence.

But, her ever sweet super hero brother came to her aid and helped her up and steadied her for a bit...
...then she had the confidence to really get going!

Brock loves the zip-line and this year...
Allie wanted to try! She loved it too. I told Jenna to wait a year, I didn't trust her fresh out of the cast wrist to hold her weight.

Conquered the corn maze with good buddy Noah!
$2 to shoot a pumpkin from a cannon? Uh...YES PLEASE!!
Allie had a go with the gourd sling shot, she did a lot better than I thought she would...if you hit the target you won a free funnel cake...she came really close.

Taking a train ride with our sweet little friend Jade!

The water pumps send water down the pipe to send little rubber duckies to the other end. It was fun to race the little ducks over and over. I love Jenna's "game face".

Play time!

The newest item on our wish list! A GINORMOUS slide! (Allie is at the tippy top on the right, Jenna is just finishing up, and Brock, on the right, is headed back up for another turn!)

Who says Kansas isn't pretty?

Getting some fish food for the fish...although we never saw any fish. The food just floated away. Oh well. So I was taking some pictures of the kids at a cute little spot, and nice old man walking by offered to take a photo of the whole family. How kind! So he did. So enjoy the photo of the five of us... (scroll down)

(lol - oh well!)

Happy Birthday Jake!!

Ug...I always seem to forget that pictures upload in the opposite order I chose them. So these pictures are in reverse order. Sorry!

Happy Birthday, Jake!!

Woah! Watch out...those mighty flames might grab your eye brows!

Jake's family might guess...but this is a "Loraine" cake. Half with her frosting, and half plain so I could pour on this warm icing stuff Jake loves (shudder)... its really rich. I just put Cool Whip on mine. Everyone liked to be able to choose their choice of cake topping.

A handful of presents. We also surprised Jake with a leather recliner. I had to re-arrange the basement furniture, but we made it work. I was afraid he would want to take it back 'cause he is kinda picky about furniture, especially recliners...but he is sitting in it right now while I type, and it seems to be his new spot of choice...if he can beat the kids to it. So I guess its a keeper!

The trash is the best part!

I liked this picture because it shows how Brock and Jake have basically the same face. Jake was actually in Chicago for business on his birthday, but before he left I made him one of his favorite meals and a cake. Then we snuck in the chair while he was away. Hope you had a good birthday... LOVE you Jake!