Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Girl, Jenna

Well, now that Jenna is sleeping all night without the need of a Pull-Up, we got her, as promised, a big girl bed. She couldn't be more pumped! As you can see in the picture below...Allie could be more pumped. She snapped out of it once she saw the colorful ottoman's we got for them to use as a bedside table/toy box.

Woohoo- so excited!

She slept in past 9am the first morning in her bed! I guess having blankets that are large enough to not slip off, and enough room to roll and stretch really helps catch those Z's. (You can see their boxes in this photo. I intended for Jenna to have the pink, and Allie the blue since they match their fuzzy blankets, but Allie kept switching so she could have pink. I left that battle alone. I don't care that much.)

I have posted a video of Jenna singing in the past, but here is her latest hit. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter time Fun!

Well, Kansas finally found some winter. It is super cold and we have about 4 inches of snow.
Brock has enjoyed staying in on cold evening and getting some serious Lego time in. He finished his Star Wars Walker in 3 evenings with no help, except once I helped him find a piece that was missing...he was sitting on it.

A work in progress...

Ta-Da! All done. It even opens so you can put the little Lego fighter guys inside.

When Brock got home after the first day of snow, he was so anxious to shovel, he wouldn't even take off his back pack before starting!

Today school was cancelled. Not so much for the snow, but because of the extreme wind chill (14 below zero) But we got a phone call inviting us to go sledding with a bunch of friends from church. Count us in!!

Allie and her friend Rozlyn - they discovered they have the same coat, Allie in blue, Roz in pink. Cute little snow bunnies.

It was bitterly cold and the wind was wicked! This is little Jenna chasing down a run away tube flying in the wind. Luckily our friend Michelle was there to help!

Brock and Allie headed down, Jenna headed up.

This was the cutest sled. It's called a "zippy". Its basically a seat with a joy stick looking handle. Its small and light which makes it so easy to carry back up the hill. Little kids, big kids, and adults fit on it. My friend said she has seen them at Target, I might go get a few!
A picture of the whole gang. Not a bad turn out for considering it was 10 degrees. (at one point, my camera froze...literally! Once it warmed up it turned back on.)
Double the fun!

Brock's friend had a snow board and let him have a few tries. After a few wipe-outs, he could make it down the whole hill. He certainly loves to try everything.

Here is a super short video of Brock on his second attempt on the snow board. And yes, I... his mother, sort of laugh when he wipes out. Forgive me.
After we sledding we headed home for lunch. I spread a table cloth on the floor by the fireplace and we had a picnic on the floor by the fire to warm up. What a great snow day!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Well, my baby is three...so I guess that officially makes me an old nag. Jenna birthday is December 28, so since we were in Idaho at Jake's parent's home for the Holidays, we had a little birthday bash for her at Granny and Pop's. We started with a fun game of Hot Potato! My parents gave my kids the game for Christmas. It comes with a plush "hot potato" that plays music when you squeeze it. However, we misplaced it when it came time to play, so we had to use an actual potato and a CD player. Equally as fun.

Here we go - hot, hot, hot!

The boys are still goin' strong!

Even Pop played a few rounds!

After Hot Potato, we had some pizza on Minnie Mouse paper plates. We got tiny little root beer cans for each of the little kids, they were pumped! After pizza, a few gifts of course.

UNO MOO! This game is super fun, I wanted to buy it ever since I saw the commercial. It is perfect for preschoolers. Jenna loves it, she calls it "barn game". I love it since my kids can set up, play, and clean up all without any help. Go grab it if you have small kids!

A Bitty Baby from Granny and Pop! Jenna was thrilled. :)

"Daddy! That's not a hat!"

"I three!!"

Happy Birthday, Jenna!! (aka: Wuzzy, Fuzzy, Frenna, Jenna-Liz, Meepers)

Christmas in IDAHO

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Hope you have a minute to watch the highlights of our Christmas in Idaho. The only thing I missed was the New Years Eve party, since it was bitterly cold (like -10 windchill) and I didn't want to venture back outside for my camera. There is music so if you tend to leave your computer speakers on really high - you might get startled. Enjoy!

Christmas in IOWA

A couple weeks before Christmas, Jake had some business in Iowa. So we decided to have my parents to drive from Illinois to meet us for a mini Christmas in our Hotel. It was fun to see "Froofroo" and "Pa", although I would have liked more time with them! But a little is better than nothing. Upon arrival at our hotel - we spotted the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile! It was like 12 degrees and windy, but we had to take a few photos. Jake was in the hotel checking us in, and I didn't want to ask one of my kids to stand in the middle of the road to take my picture, so alas, I was unable to pose by the enormous hot dog. Maybe next time.

I was surprised how small the base is...its as if it is on an el camino, but altogether its huge, Allie looks tiny next to it.

Brock of course had to be silly and want to take a bite of it!

Snuggling with Gramma Froo froo!

An early Christmas? Sure - we'll participate!

Lots of great stuff from the grandparents!

On the way back home, we stopped at the LDS visitors center in Independence, Mo. Allie was thrilled to see this nativity.

There are lots of tiny hands-on pioneer cabins to look in.

A well, complete with bucket.

Horse and buggy.

Dishes and veggies.

Also, there was a new bronze exhibit with gorgeous art pieces illustrating the life of Christ. I took a picture of each one, but I didn't post them all. The one above is of raising Lazarus from the dead. I loved the expression of the woman's face.

Jesus with some birds.

Walking on water.

First Vision.
We had a great trip. The beginning of our very busy holiday season.