Monday, April 18, 2011

Allie's birthday!

A little photo flashback of my first little girl, Alexandria Jayne...

I LOVED these little shoes. She kicked one off once while I was shopping and I didn't notice until we got home...I was sad for days :(

Blessing Day.

Big brother's shadow...

Where has the time gone? Allie turned 5 on April 7th. Yikes! Kindergarten here we come! Here are a few pictures of her birthday...

We grabbed Brock from school at lunch time and Jake snuck home so we could have a little mini party with our lunch.

Getting ready to start, Brock wrapped this one for her all by himself.

Flynn Rider from Rapunzel! We have a zillion Barbie's but not very many "Princes" so she was happy to have him.

Thanks brother!!

Little Mermaid Ariel and her sisters, Polly Pocket size- perfect for taking a swim in the bathroom sink!Woo-hoo, a Barbie kitchen! Thanks Pop and Granny!

Since we were having cupcakes at her birthday party with her friends on Saturday, Allie chose to just have her favorite ice cream, cookies and cream, with a candle of course. I can't believe she is 5!