Friday, June 10, 2011

The Drive Inn

Well, as part of Brock's birthday celebration we grabbed a bunch of blankets and pillows and went to the Triple Feature at the DRIVE INN! If you have one near ya, you should go! We had a blast!

Here is Jenna on the way to the big screen. She didn't have much of a view.

All tucked in! Jake and I sat right behind them in lawn chairs. Yeah, we're old.

Waiting for the sky to get a bit darker. They showed fabulous old cartoon ads from like the 50's, I love retro stuff! There was a green pickle named "chilly" that sang some songs about all the food at the concession stand. The weather was perfect, it was in the 60's with just a touch of a breeze. Perfect snuggling weather.

View from my chair.

We parked in the last row, so we could exit quickly, but we could still see perfectly.

After "Kung Fu Panda 2", there is a 10 minute intermission (with more retro cartoons) for potty breaks and snacks. Jake danced with Allie to get her hyped up enough to stay up for "Rio." By now it was 11:30pm.

Jenna didn't make it. Actually, Brock and Jake were the only ones who didn't fall asleep. But at 1 am, when "Rio" ended, we left. We didn't stick around for "Thor." Who starts a movie at 1:30am? We called it a night. We will definitely go again - we loved it!

Brock turned SEVEN

Well, time flies when you are having fun. My first born is seven years old. I am not panicked yet, to me - seven is still little. I mean he can read, play piano and build Lego sets intended for 12 year olds, but he is still little...right? RIGHT?!

Birthday dinner: lasagna (of course) and carrots and cucumbers in "Italian sauce" which is just Italian salad dressing.

I am glad that Brock prefers a birthday cake that tastes good, not one shaped like a cartoon character or toy, that doesnt necessarily taste yummy. I am not a crafty baker, so I am better at ugly cakes. Brock was happy with green candles and the simple family tradition of putting the candles in the shape of their age number. So here is a pic of Jake lighting the green seven.

Yummy~ no complaints here!

Lets dig in!

We ordered Brock some Boise State Bronco gear for a birthday gift...he was THRILLED! One evening I noticed he and Jake were both decked out in their BSU stuff, like father like son. GO BRONCOS!

I found some cool camo wrapping paper, it was a nice change to paper with ballons or characters on it. This was his new Star Wars Lego Turbo tank. Built and completed a few days after his birthday.

Woohoo! A Lego City Fire Station complete with a truck. Started and completed on his birthday. Thanks Granny and Pop :)

Alright! Finally, after about a year and half of talking about one, Brock finally got a PAPER JAM! A super slim guitar that really JAMS! Brock has really shown a love for music and his latest request is guitar lessons. Hmmm...

Happy Birthday, Brock!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

YMCA Spring Sports

(Just a little peek at my rose bush. Its been 100 degrees for a couple days here and now they are all shriveled and droopy :( At least I got a photo before they got baked.)

Well I did a poor job documenting this season as far as photos go. Mostly because it was SO cold the first few games, all I did was huddle in my winter coat and blankets, not wanting to let my hands feel the cold wind. Each game, I thought, "I'll get more pics next game"...well I said that all season until I only ended up with a few photos. But seriously, if I had a ton of pics from each game, each season, my computer would crash, since we are a sport loving family. So, this will have to do.

Jake was the assistant coach on Brock's team this year. Jake wanted to just be the head coach, but I talked him out of it, I knew he would end up needing to miss a few practices and games for work stuff, (which I was right about) so he helped when he could. The other parents were grateful since Jake doesn't put up with much guff and he whipped those boys into football shape.

Brock is a great defender. Here he is in the red shorts about to grab a kid's flag. He also made about 6 touch downs this season. Brock really loves soccer, but after this season of football, he loved it and is ready to try it again.

"Sweet!" Admiring his medal.

Little Miss Jenna. A close up after she applied some glitter lip gloss, all by herself. Yeah, that's not sand or crumbs, its glitter.

Allie kicked some major pre-school butt this year in soccer. She loves soccer and has conquered her fear of being on front of other people. I am so proud of her bravery! I was so crippling shy as a kid, I am so pleased she is overcoming her fears already. Not to mention she is scoring and stealing machine!

"Look what I got!"