Friday, August 26, 2011

What a Summer!

It was a HOT and dry summer. But we made the most of it. LOTS of swimming!!!

Whoosh! Love that bucket!

Headed in the water! (Andover YMCA)
Lots of picnics!

Lots of time at the little lake.

A trip...
Lots of fireworks!
Lots of games together...
Another trip...

Are we there yet?

Tow Mator came to Wichita during the Cars 2 premier!

Lots MORE swimming! (North YMCA)

Fun in the sun!
More water. (this is the pool in our sub division.)
The girls both passed swim class this year and are on to their next levels. Brock is in the highest level, but the teachers says one more time will do him good to build endurance. His class met in the large lap pool at the Y, and he could go "down" but had to rest before he could come "back". But his strokes look good.

We invented an "under water tag" game this summer. It has been so fun. Jake is great at it! He is fast and can dodge attacks really well. It was fun to spend a lot of time together as a family this summer.
Lots of BUNNIES?! Jake found a nest of bunnies when mowing...we took a few pics then shooed them away, hope they found a new home with mama. (Who ate my cherry tomatoes by the way.)
Lots of silliness. I found Jake sleeping with some high heel wearing blond!

LOTS and lots of corn. Gotta freezer full now.

Lots of stories! Brock is quite the book worm! I didn't enjoying reading much a kid, but Brock and I found some great series and he has TORN through books this summer. His favorite are Junie B Jones, Bob and Hot dog, Captain Underpants (I drug my feet with this one but its quite funny and very popular at his school) Box Car children, and Justice League Pets (popular super heroes, but as animals, I haven't read any, but Brock keeps getting those at the library.) I used to read to him, but now he'll finish a whole book in 2 days before I get the chance! He is always begging to read his sisters stories too before bed time. I have a hard time saying no. Its nice to have him read to the girls while I make dinner or am busy with something else.

Allie and Brock both had "summer school" classes at the local community college. Brock went to "Lego Mania" and "Animals & Bugs" He got hands on with a snake, tarantula (eek!), a ferret and some exotic birds. He even made "cockroach art". They took live cockroaches, dipped them in paint, then let them run on a piece of paper and VIOLA art. Icky, creepy, creative art. In Lego class they built robots with real motors and functions. Allie went to "Cooking Fun". They discussed nutrition, food groups, made snacks and baked cookies. They are already asking what they can do next summer!

We had a great summer, did you?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

Allie is officially a

Sir Brock, all set for Second grade!

Hello Mrs. Kim!! Our bus driver is so sweet.

Allie and her friend Katie from across the street, ready for the first day.

Allie wanted Jake to driver her the first day, so here she is ready to go.

Off they go!

All set at her table, she was a little quiet, but walked right in and was ready to dive into her play dough. Well... its just me and Jenna now. Guess I'll have to get a puppy when Jenna heads to school ;)