Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Kansas State FAIR

We hadn't been to a state fair in about 3 years, so we decided it was time to get there. Kansas proved to put on quite the fair, we had a great time.

In we go!

First, we checked out the farm equipment...

Hmm... what's in here?

Two ladies ready to work in the field!

Hey! A tire as big as me!

Now thats a BIG JOHN!

After the commercial buildings, we headed off to the Mid-Way for rides.

Of course the girls went on the Merry-go-Round.

Allie and Jenna on the bumble bees. You can't see Jenna, but she is in there.

Brock and Jake are in seat 3 & 4 from the right.

Eventually the ride did this.

My successful salesman husband totally got the kids free turns at popping the ballon until we left with a prize. This Carnie didn't know what hit him. Its about time THEY get swindled.

I went on this canoe ride thing as a kid and I was terrified, I was for sure I would fall out. So of course I said "no" when Jake handed me a ticket. Nevertheless, Jake took Allie and Brock on it. (Jenna was too short) They loved it. (they are on the very end, way up in the sky)

Ok so I BEGGED Brock not to go on THE ZIPPER. But he INSISTED he wanted to. I was so afraid that he would be scared and scream for me to help him...but he laughed and hooted the whole time. This is him getting situated in the cage. Seriously - who wants on a ride that involved being in a tiny cage on hinges?

How is this fun? Oh well, Brock loved it.

While Brock was on the Zipper and I was in cardiac arrest watching him, Jake took the girls on the Ferris Wheel. I wasn't thrilled that they were in seat #13. (superstitious, I guess) Also, as I watched, I could see Jenna hanging over the edge looking down. Eeek! Jake assured me he had a hold of her...by now my blood pressure was sky high. Can we just go eat please?

OK, so I am not a complete ride scrooge. I went on this sort of "Splash Mountain" water ride thing. Of course the drop was nothing like the one at Disney World, but it was pretty fun and got the ol' adrenaline flowing. I am in the back of the boat, with Allie and Brock in front of me...plus 2 other random kids. It was a good ride.

Mmm! Roasted Corn! We also grabbed some cinnamon almonds and BBQ sandwiches. Oh! Of course cheese curds, too. Yeah, fair food is sinful and delicious. It was a great day. If you ever visit Kansas, stop by the state fair!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Life moves pretty fast...

Just a few random photos of our every busy/crazy life...

This enormous grasshopper rode on my hood from my driveway to the local YMCA. I was sad when I returned and he was gone. Ok, I was pleased 'cause I found him kinda creepy.

Well, Allie has lost her first tooth. She was very patient with her wiggly tooth. Brock wiggles and wiggles his and within 2 or 3 days its out. This tooth of Allie's was loose for like a month! Today she was like look mom- its sooo wiggly! And it was like hanging out of her mouth - eek! I tugged it right out so we could be done. So there ya go, she'd gettin' older :(

So, little Miss Jenna took a spill off some monkey bars and broke her wrist. Our doctor says is a common "easy" break that will heal easily. Jenna didn't have pain for too long and she plays just fine with her cast. Biggest issue was that she was in swim lessons again this month, but the Y will let her join back in after the cast comes off at no extra charge. She loves the cast's bright color and her friends just gush over her and think its pretty neat. I am grateful the injury wasn't worse.

Nice thing about a cell phone with a camera is being able to take random pictures of cute stuff while grocery shopping. I loved this cake. The black polka dots were Oreos. I was tempted to pick one off to munch as I continued shopping.

What? I like chocolate and its marketing tools.

Book worm Brock can't even eat his breakfast without needing a book.

I caught Jenna dipping into the picnic basket a bit early when we went fishing!

Allie loves to accessories so of course she was thrilled when we found these brightly colored hair extension clips.

"I am washing my feeties, Mama!"

Thanks for catching up with our shenanigans!

Gone Fishin'

On Labor Day, we took the kids fishing. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we had so much fun. (the pics are out of order...I forget they upload backwards... but I don't care enough to delete them and start over, so I hope you don't mind.)

Little Jenna always manages to find these tiny flowers. So sweet.
Jenna was very patient and still with her pole.

I love fishing. I could do it all day, its so peaceful. Well, its peaceful where we were 'cause nothing was really biting.

Alli was more interested in holding the net than anything else.

I love the Mid-West wind mills.

Woo-hoo! The biggest catch of the day - haha! (look closely, its there)

Stop by and see us, we'll take ya fishin' !!