Friday, June 15, 2012

8 is GREAT!

Well, Brock's 8th birthday came and went in a hurry. Since he was baptized, we had a lot of family in town for the occasion. But since I was having such a fun time with all the company, I did a really poor job of taking a lot of photos. But here are few, for the jist of it.

He opened his gifts from us before we headed to church for his baptism.

We thought these Super Hero Legos would keep him busy for a few days... but it didn't take him and his cousin Jayson long at all to have the super hero hideout up and running later that day.
8 candles make quite the flame!
After most of the company left, we went with Uncle James to All Star on Memorial day to celebrate just a bit more. Allie and Brock LOVED the zipper. As seen above. Jenna was green when she got when the older 2 begged to ride again, Jenna and I-
went on the turbo slide!
then Jenna and Uncle James went on the Merry-go-Round.
Just before school got out, Brock had his Spring piano recital. He played "America the Beautiful."
He also performed that song in his school's talent show. I have tried on 3 different occasions to upload videos of his performances, but it just "loads" and loads for ever and then freezes. So instead of throwing my computer out the window, I will just do away with the idea of posting a video. At least today. Sorry!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Star Wars. Need I Say More?

Exploration Place is a really fun hands on museum in Wichita. This summer the traveling exhibit is Star Wars! Um...YES we went to check it out. It was all ACTUAL props from the movie series.

Wookies! These are two of Chewbacca's (sp?) friends. Chewie was there, but I don't seem to have a photo of him. Bummer!
Millennium Falcon!
Everyone's favorite droids! Plus, that Princess Leia get up is Allie's favorite from the movies.

A Walker right? Sorry, I love the original 3 movies but I am no Star Wars geek. I'm just a poser.

Snow creature thing! Oh, Brock tells me its a ...Wampa?
Storm Trooper
Weapons! Brock spent a lot of time looking at and reading about the guns and light sabers.
Join the dark side!
Three stages of Darth Vader's helmet.
Yoda Puppet this is. (Ok, I tried. Too much?)

Eeek! Sand People! Or person, rather. So creepy!

Fun fact! Yoda was fashioned after Einstein. cruiser? I forgot what this is. Land Speeder? Is that a thing?

The kids got to ride on a "hover craft". Basically they steered around on a cushion of air..but they loved it.
You had to be five to ride, but Jenna was happy to watch.

Luke's damaged robot hand.

So get this - the kids got to ride in the Millennium Falcon! Here we are getting ready to board!

Light speed!! It was really fun! The kids got to push A TON of buttons and C3PO narrated a little adventure we went on. Good stuff! So come visit us and we'll take you to Exploration Place.