Thursday, August 23, 2012

A bit of summer fun...

So, according to my camera I took over 300 photos this summer. Woah. Not gonna post all those, but here is a brief SUMMERy (aren't I clever?) of our fun and busy summer...
Brock was baptized!
 We went to El Dorado Lake
 We met a police dog

 We went a little crazy. (just a little)
We played in the rain. (which was only twice, not much rain this summer)
Brock earned his Bob Cat!
 We built a lot of Lego "Mansions" (pardon Jenna's fresh outta bed hair.)
 We scrubbed the van
I baked PI! Ok, no I didn't. But i thought this was funny.
 We paid waaaay to much to see a white tiger.
 We played the Kinnect after swim class at the YMCA
 We saw movies! (Brave, Madagascar3, Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
 We had ice cream with cousins! My sister Rebekah and her two boys made a surprise visit to celebrate the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. Fun!
 We checked spuds. This is Jake and his Dad checking on potato fields in eastern Idaho.
We went swimming. Almost everyday. Seriously.
 We had the deck stairs torn off, repositioned, cement poured underneath and then re-stained the whole thing. Phew!
Brock had 2 different Bball camps. He loves this sport.

We had some cool storms. But not enough. Major drought. Bummer.
Hope your summer was great! I'll have to post our Idaho trip on its own...soooo many photos!