Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Sports

All three kiddos were on a fall sport team this year. What was I thinking? We were very busy...but they kids had a lot of fun and did very well.
Little miss Jenna loved soccer! I think she liked the attire more than the game, but she was a speedy little go-getter, her father, who just so happened to be her coach, was very happy about that.

Although Brock is old enough for tackle football, we stuck with flag. At this age, we feel that learning to run the plays and be physically coordinated is more important than tackling. Tackling is the easy part, we aren't worried about him getting a ton of experience. PLus they practice 4 times a week - no thank you! He is still an 8 year old boy. I am not that committed to sports yet! Antoehr perk was instead of getting stuck in one position, he got to play all of them. He made about 7 touch downs this season - he was thrilled! He has big strong hands so he was a great receiver. He wasn't the fastest kid on the team, but he could barrel though the boys trying to block him and get away with a running touchdown pretty well!
Here he is at center. He decided he will pass on soccer in the spring and do another season of football.
Setting up to block.
About to make a catch in the end zone! (If you look closely, you can see the ball just to the right of the trees above the red car.)

I think miss Allie is my most naturally athletic child. Everything seems to come pretty easy for her. She is very fast, very aggressive, and seems to understand the proper angles needed to make a good steal or a goal.

Her team was the "Pink Ninjas" and one of the moms on the team made the girls black ninja headbands. With their matching pink socks from coach, they always looked so cute!

As first graders, they were ready to play with goalies. Allie liked taking a turn in the goal, she made quite a wall - tough to pass!

Winding up for a power shot!
Well, now we are on to basketball! But only Brock and Allie. I will have Jenna to tumbling and swimming...I mean come on... I am only human! Come watch us play!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lucky at the Lake

Well, our little Lucky Lady has sure captured our hearts. We took her to El Dorado Lake this summer. I think she liked it ;)


The kids had fun too...
Jake found some fun activities as well.

Oh! and S'mores. 
Lucky...you have chewed up the deck chairs....well, and the deck. But we love ya - glad you are here!