Thursday, April 12, 2012

Allie is six

Well, my first little princess is SIX. Sounds old. Which means I am old.

 Brock was so thrilled with his baby sister, he would cover her in stuffed animals all the time. I have several photos of her buried in toys. *sigh* This seems so long ago!
 Sometimes we called Allie our "barnacle." If you set baby Allie down on her tummy, she could "barnacle up" and cuddle so soundly. Jake would say, "bring me a barnacle!" when he wanted some cuddle time. (Don't you love Brock's shorn little sheep hair-do in this picture?)

 So here she is all grown up! She loves Kindergarten, playing with friends,
coloring, having her nails painted and of course...

 ...riding her new bike!

Birthday morning!

Brock giving Allie some Lego building tips!

 Birthday party at the bowling alley anyone?

Make a wish!

Get that spare!

The go-karters, ready to go!

Vroom vroom! Happy Birthday Allie!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BBall ~n~ Stuff

So Basketball season is over and the kids had a good time. Brock's team was undefeated. Here is a shot of him making a bucket (he's in the red shorts.)

 Brock's finally had a few fundamentals click...although he fouled out of several games. He can be quite the bruiser. Brock is the one in red shorts up in the air, trying to spook the shooter.

 Miss Allie decided to try hoops as well. She is quite the little go getter and loves to drive the lane for a bucket! That's her above bringing the ball down.

 Here she is (sorry for the blur) making a quick bucket - go Allie!

 I played with my photos a bit this past winter.

 I like this one a lot.

 Jenna wasn't in bball, so I played with a random summer time shot of her.

 Random I know, but there is a story to it. Jenna LOVES these green shoes. So when I found them resting on her bed one day, too precious to be stored with the OTHER shoes in the closet, I grabbed a photo.

 Allie has moved on from her obsession with PINK and now everything must be BLUE. I welcomed the change.

 I love finding random pics on my phone of my backside. I find a lot. I guess my kids have no desire to capture a photo of my face.

Well, here is out new little guy. He'll be here in about a week. I am not sure if I am filled with excitement or dread. I am sure there will many posts of this cute face romping with the kids. Be sure to watch him grow with us. Or watch for when I put him up for sale.

Kansas City Anniversary

So my catch up posts will be a little out of order. I am sure you don't mind. Jake took me on a fun over night trip to Kansas City for our 9th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Argosy Inn and Casino. (I won $10!) He rented a Limo which took us down town. We are a Brazilian Steak house called Fogo De Chao. It you have never been to MUST go.

While we waited for the private table Jake reserved I got a fancy drink. A super yummy(virgin) strawberry daiquiri.

SO after you get settled at your table, you go over to this enormous salad bar for your choice of amazing veggies- they had the best asparagus! Then guys in authentic gaucho pants tucked into their boots come around with different types of meats. You can accept or decline the meat so you aren't stuck with something you don't like. The only think I declined was lamb. My favorite was the Parmesan encrusted pork loin and the fillet mingon. Again, you must go.

They also bring you sides to leave on the table like garlic mashed potatoes, black beans, and a caramelized banana. Hungry yet?

Since they goofed our reservation and we had to wait a little bit, they brought us a bunch of complimentary (virgin) drinks. I loved the limey one seen above. It was fun to get away for a whole new dining experience!