Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Shall We Give?

Have a very Merry Christmas!
the Niederers

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MY joys (+ a dog)


SO, I suppose since its now December, that means that 2012 is about over. When did that happen? When I was a kid and felt like Christmas would NEVER come and summer break was FOREVER AWAY, my mom would say, "enjoy the slow movement of time, because as you get older, times moves more quickly". Well, don't tell my mother....but she was right. My baby girl will turn 5 at the end of this month. My 6 year old wants earrings and make-up. My 8 year old is creating mathematics short cuts for multiplication tables and adding 3 digit numbers in his head. Having big kids makes me think I should feel old....more mature perhaps. But I still feel like a high schooler who happened to find a great husband and then had three kids. When should I expect to feel like a grown up?