Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jenna is FIVE

Well my little winter baby is FIVE now. We got to celebrate in Idaho again this year since we were at Granny and Pop's for Christmas.
Birthday morning! We had pancakes and sausage with the Pilgrim cousins and of course presents!


A Disney princess castle!

A Belle doll!
We took the kids over to a great new place in Idaho Falls called iJump - a building full of trampolines! Um...yes I think we will have a party there!

 Climbing to the tippy top to slide down!                                 

 Making trouble in the foam pit.

Jenna on the slide again! She spent most of her time on this slide.
Allie in the foam pit.

  How about some dodgeball!

Jenna kept trying to bury Uncle Ryan.
 Little Reese ready to jump!
How about some pizza, pop, and birthday cupcakes in the party room? Presents too? What a day!

 Jenna got a sand art kit from Granny and Pop and she made some great bottles!

Little 5 year old Jenna is a joy.
She loves animals....

 ...she loves tumbling class....

she loves being silly...
... and we LOVE this girl.

Had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas

Since we were headed to California for Gina's wedding, we had a pre-Christmas so the kids could open some new clothes and other items they could bring along on the trip.
 Our 10 footer!

Allie (with wet hair) and her monster messenger bag. Jenna got a pink one with horns. They filled them will little toys to play with in the car.

Brock got Jenna a Superman and Superdog set. Jenna loves super heroes (like Brock did at her age) and dogs so this was perfect gift for her.

The girls each got Brock a mini Star Wars Lego ship. He was excited because he got one for a friend's birthday and kept looking at the box for a while before finally wrapping it! 

Lucky got a "Jolly Ball." Its a huge ball with a rope running through it. She unraveled the rope and removed it on day one, but the big red ball is very sturdy and she loves it.

After California we headed north to Idaho. Here is Granny and Pop's tree in Hamer.

Jenna was dressed up as the cutest Mary for the family nativity, but then she threw a fit and refused to go out in front of anyone. Luckily Jake's cousin Shelly was willing to step in as Mary.

The 3 wise guys.

About to open the Christmas Eve gifts.

 It was pajamas! Shocker.
 The youngest two of the family! My niece Reese and nephew Connor.
 Since Idaho has this amazing stuff called "snow" we decided to play in it.
Jake tied a few "sleds" to four wheelers to pull the kids around.

Jenna with her second cousin, Adam.

 Allie and Peyton had a nice wipe out - Allie thought it was hilarious!
Gettin' ready! (Carson, Allie, Jayson, Sonnet, Brock)

The Sledding Gang.

How about a push?
Riding around the farm!

Here is Randy the Reindeer. My version of elf on the shelf. A bit cuter and with less rules. I just sort of made stuff up.

Santa came to the Koch Ind. Christmas party. I thought his elf was so cute!

 We decided to say hello to Santa Clause one night.
Lego makes advent calendars! It was awesome! Each day you open the date's door and you get a packet of Legos that you build into a little part of the Christmas City scene. Dec. 24 was Santa on a snow mobile! The kids loved this activity.

We visited temple square while out west. It was lovely of course. It was my first time being there at Christmas time. Brock loved reading each plaque under the statues. He seemed to linger here at Joseph Smith receiving the priesthood. It was a sweet moment.

Beautiful nativity.

Salt Lake City Temple
Our Christmas was busy and fun. Hope yours was as amazing as ours!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Love and Marriage

So our trip to California did have a motive...other than Mickey Mouse. My good 'ol college buddy and roommate Gina was getting married in Los Angeles. 
(um...what is this pose?)
Here we are (10years ago!) with April too - our other good college roomie. April got married a few years ago in Orlando. That's when Jake and I took the kids to DisneyWorld. Its nice to have friends who get married near theme parks!
Waiting for the happy couple to come outside!

 Here they come! Aren't they so cute?!
Gina Giuliani! (Talk about a gangster's wife name - I LOVE it!)

Gina and Kenny rocking their Vans in wedding attire. Congrats to the happy couple!

The LDS Los Angeles temple was beautiful! It was probably the biggest one I have been inside. We had to take an elevator to the sealing room! It was awesome to see such a large (and busy!) temple somewhere other than in Utah.