Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alexandria is SEVEN

Where does the time go? This perfect little baby girl is 7 years old now!
She was a gorgeous sweetheart from day one. Such a sweet snugly baby girl!
Little Brock would always make sure she had plenty of toys...
...and she still loves to be buried in friends!
Allie chose 3 friends to go see "Oz" in 3D, then have a small party at home.
 She got a kite from one of her friends and she couldn't wait to try it.
 She requested a strawberry cake with chocolate frosting - she loved it!
  Make a wish!
 Birthday morning!
Yay! Easy bake oven! She and Jenna spent the morning playing with the new Barbie stuff from Granny and Pop and the afternoon baking with her new oven.
 Lets get cooking!
Silly Dad, used leftover wrapping ribbon to be a ninja for the morning.
Since we still had cake from her party the night before and I baked cornbread to go with her birthday dinner, Allie asked if she could just have a cone with her favorite ice cream - cookies-n-cream. I told her sure, but at least let me put a candle in it - haha!
Froo froo and Pa sent Allie a mini-cupcake maker! So if you need Allie, odds are you'll find her in the kitchen baking up yummy (and tiny) treats! Happy Birthday to my first baby girl!

Easter Fun 2013

Well time is marching on and Easter has come and gone. Here is a glimpse of a few of our activities.
Jenna had a hunt with her preschool class. It was rainy outside so they hid the eggs in the library. She had a good time collecting eggs with the letter "J" on them.

The Saturday before Easter, our neighborhood has a hunt for the kids followed by a pot-luck lunch. Always a good time!
Let the big kids get started!
There were so many eggs, after hiding a lot, we just had to start spreading them all over the grass!

I need help getting up high, Dad!
 Lucky is very patient with our shenanigans.

 My favorite treat from the bunny! So tart - I love 'em!

 Time to color eggs! The kids have face paint on from the neighborhood hunt, they aren't dirty :)
 Lots more to go!
 At our house, the kids have to find their basket which is filled with a few small prizes.
 Happy with her loot!
Alright! Avengers Legos!
Time to find the eggs in the basement! Check under those pillows!
All dolled up for church! We are grateful that the Savior was willing to die for our sins, and especially grateful for the Resurrection. Hope you had as happy an Easter as we did!

The Bahamas!

Jake and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to the Bahamas! Granny and Pop hopped on a plane and stayed with the kids for a few days so we could have a tropical get away. (There was a huge snow storm while we were gone and the kids had a bunch of snow much for an easy babysitting gig, but the grandparents assured us they loved every minute...hmmm, I wonder :)
View from the plane as we approached the Islands!
View from our hotel room - Amazing!

The beach, the resort, the water park.

At our first breakfast, then off to the beach!

Twin Brothers authentic Bahamian food. So good! I ordered the roasted chicken with veggies and rice. They brought me half a chicken!!! Woah! Yummy stuff.
At the aquarium.

You could touch the conches if you'd like! I also poked a star fish.
Jellyfish - in all their glow-y goodness!
I thought these fish were gorgeous!

Me and my honey of 10 years!

Center of the resort. Pretty decor!

Caribbean Rum cake! I thought it was gross but Jake liked it. 

These were my favorite tropical plants.

FANTASTIC Italian food here at Casa D'Angelo!! We ended our meal with the most amazing apple torte'. Oh. My. Word. We were in heaven!


This candy store was awesome! We got some stuff for the kids and for our plan ride home, but then we ate most of it that night in our hotel room and had to go back the next day -yummy stuff. They had chocolate covered graham cracker crumbles called "Clod Hoppers" they were sooo good! We got the kids some gummy "snakes"...just like gummy worms only about 18 inches long - creepy! But the kiddos were thrilled.

Lush, gorgeous vegetation everywhere! Need a vacation? We totally recommend the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas!