Monday, May 13, 2013

This and That...

Just trying to play a little catch up to keep my blog some what up to date.
Brock is almost a Bear in Cub Scouts. His dad got to present him with his religious knot a few Pack Meeting ago.
My guys were pretty pumped about Brock's first Pinewood Derby race!
Brock's car won the prize "Coolest Car"
 On your mark!

 Woo-hoo! He won his first race. His car ended up pretty much dead center in regards to placing, but our goal was to not get very last. Mission accomplished!

 Jenna had a cute little concert with her pre-school. I forgot my decent camera, so sorry for the poor quality. She looked so sweet and kept smiling!
 Jake took me to see the Professional Bull Riders. Yee-haw! It was actually a lot of exciting fun. Several guys got trampled...wait...why is that fun?

 So this knuckle head is very much loved. She isn't in the house all the time, but when she is the kids make sure she is included in some fun. Jenna and Lucky play school quite a bit.
 Nurse Allie likes to make sure Lucky is in tip-top shape.
 We have had a very wet spring, and my girls loves to dance in the rain.
 We did some go-carting over spring break. Here is Allie...
...blurry Brock...
...and Miss Jenna.

We also visited the Space Museum. Always a fun time. 
One morning while I was making my bed, Jenna asked if she could add some bubbles to her bath. I said, "just a little bit!" Why did I think Jenna's idea of a little bit and my idea of a little bit would be the same? Silly girl.