Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jenna's Birthday and a New Year!

My baby girl is SIX!

 A pancake shaped like a "6" and bacon. Birthday breakfast for my princess!
 Twister Dance from her friend Jade!
 Cute dress from Granny and Pop!

 I made a treasure hunt for Jenna which ended with her finding a Barbie Jumbo Jet... peanuts or pretzels Ken?

 We headed to KC to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for Jenna's birthday. 

 Happy Birthday to my smart, sassy, cute and hilarious Jenna Elizabeth!
 So we swam and played and went on slides all night and bright and early the next day!

 Birthday pizza, a slice as big as her head!

 Luke had a good time watching all the commotion.
 Watch out for that bucket!

 We spent New Year's Eve at home playing games and eating Jake's award winning chili. Of course the first thing we did in 2014 was set of fireworks!

Frappe is a traditional New Years treat in Jake's family. Yummy! Its just sherbet and Sprite, so simple and so good. 

 Just some cute pictures of Luke who is growing up too fast! 
Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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